OH Mayor Slams “Queer” Cop, Opens Village To Discrimination Lawsuit

mary-mcangusA Meigs County, OH, mayor is under fire this week for directing gay slurs toward an openly gay officer in the southern Ohio village of Pomeroy.

Police Chief Mark E. Proffitt filed a complaint on behalf of 21-year-old Pomeroy police officer Kyle Calendine.

Mayor Mary McAngus (right), who frequently discusses Calendine’s sexuality with other police department employees, first learned about his sexuality in the weeks following his hire in September 2012.

When called to McAngus’ office to discuss what he was “going to do about” the new recruit’s sexuality, Profitt responded by saying “nothing, because that would be discrimination.” McAngus’ subsequent witch hunt forced Proffitt to submit an information packet and six-page statement to the village council last month, warning the city of a potential lawsuit if the vulgarity continued. “She stated ‘I don’t like a queer working for the Village, I might be old-fashioned, but I don’t like it,'” Proffitt wrote in the statement.

Old-fashioned, or just an old bully?

“It’s disappointing because, you know, she’s the mayor,” Calendine told The Columbus Dispatch. “It makes it hard coming to work knowing that someone’s running you into the ground like that.”

According to Proffitt’s statement, McAngus continued to bully employees close to Calendine, asking a newly hired officer if he knew that Calendine was gay and if it bothered him. The mayor also suggested “running off Kyle’s boyfriend” after informing village Administrator Paul Hellman that “we had a gay guy working in the police department.”

Village Council President Jackie Welker told the Columbus Dispatch on Saturday that “we as a village certainly don’t agree with any discrimination. We are investigating what has happened and what actions need to be taken.”

McAngus has been reluctant to release a statement, though city officials expect to discuss the situation on Monday night’s village council meeting.

Want to contact Pomeroy city officials regarding Mary McAngus?

Village of Pomeroy Administrator Paul Hellman: (740) 992-2166
Village of Pomeroy Mayor Mary McAngus’ Office: (740) 992-2246

Want to contact the Pomeroy Police Department and tell Police Chief Mark E. Proffitt how awesome he is?

Village of Pomeroy Police Department: (740) 992-6411

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