McCain and Palin Up On SNL

Sarah Palin delivered a prerecorded message during Saturday Night Live’s “Presidential Bash” last night and, sadly, didn’t quite deliver.

The Governor first attempted to joke about how the skit show made fun of her, then broke into a faux comedic threat that she would use her power to revoke NBC’s broadcasting license. We would laugh if we didn’t believe her.

John McCain also appeared and, yes, failed to bring a chuckle with his odd explanation of the network’s programming, which trickled into some weak tax attack on Obama. We more confused than anything else. He seemed so, too.

Watch it – after the jump…

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Sarah’s gone “Rogue”

    Palin – Bush Twins 2013

  • mark

    Sarah your com..e…di..c tim…in..g
    is only matched by your Foriegn Policy experience.

    McBush is just a sad old old old grampa
    his last stump speech had dwindled down to an audience of the LAST two diehard fans, Lieberman and Lindsey Graham.

    which reminds me of a joke, stop me if you’ve heard this one

    A Loser, a Jew and a Queer walk into a bar….

  • mark

    in 48 hours no one in the Lower 48 will ever again have to hear the G*D DAMN nasaly preachy screechy COMMON annoying Palin voice

    Thank You JESUS!

    buh bye Ann Colture of the KLONDIKE

  • mark

    coulter…ooopsy, she is SO forgetable

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