McCain Camp: Tina Fey “Disrespectful” and “Sexist”

McCain Spokesperson Carly Fiorina lashed out at Tina Fey today on MNSBC, calling her portrayal of Sarah Palin both “disrespectful” and “sexist.” Tina Fey, a strong supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton‘s campaign (she endorsed Clinton on SNL last season), is seen by no reasonable person as sexist.

Meanwhile, rumors that Fey will appear on SNL again have already begun and the AP calls her performance, “by all accounts a virtuoso impersonation.”

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  • jebpeat

    This is absurd. So is that their response to any comment/criticism of Palin? To charge sexism every time? Once again trying to distract from the real issues of this campagain. The McCain campagin is so f**king lame! I smell pathetic desperation! How sad!

  • rod

    From a brief history of Carly Fiorina that I wrote a while back:

    Once upon a time, Hewlett Packard had all the coolest things for the nerd shopper. Also, they had good printers that lasted for a very long time. Then Carly Fiorina became the Chairman and CEO Turd Princess of HP. The printers became disposable with cartridges that made forty prints if you were lucky. All items in the line became “styled up”. And they merged with Compaq in an effort to make even more things suck. Now the Turd Princess is speaking about why John McCain is good for technology after she spent years transforming the consumer technology marketplace into a turd factory. People in the McCain camp think this is awesome and that the Turd Princess would make a good Vice President of the United States. This is all you need to know. The end.

  • George

    Haha I love it. Showing Hillary is smarter and more substantive than Sarah isn’t biased against women, its biased against morons.

  • David

    Do they not understand that this is satire?!?!

  • Alexa

    Now they are getting completely ridiculous.

  • ajax

    They’re defending one of their own and, as any attorney will tell you: A good defense doesn’t need to be true or plausible. A good defense only has to appeal to your target audience. In this case, a celebrity-East-Coast-elitist is disrespectful and sexist. The Republican base will buy it. Fiorina hit a homer.


    It was funny although it was more than obvious she was trying to demean her and pass her off as nothing more than a bimbo. A one time funny only performance that is if they want to cater to the whole Nation and not only New England and LA, Portalnd and Seattle. If they do persist on this portrayal without caricaturing also Mr. Messiah-empty-suit Obama then yeah they do run the risk of suffering the same fate as the East- and- West-Coast-elitist media.

    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • rick

    okay. evidently some people can’t take a joke.
    it was sat. night live, what do these people expect?

  • Chris

    I would substitute “disrespectful” and “sexist” with “hilarious” and “inspired.”

  • Joey Mills

    How can a woman be sexist towards other women? I just don’t get McCain. Straight Talk? Really? I have seen his commericals and the lies he is spewing. Please pray to whomever you pray for Obama wins.

  • mark

    I’d say you were RIGHT ON TARGET Tina if they are whining like stuck pigs today

  • Stef

    They call sexism on Fey, but not on allllllllllllllllllllllll the spoofs Amy Pohler has done for Clinton…way to be even minded when it comes to “breaking down sexism”…ugh, stupidity.

  • marco Channing

    McCain has lost his mind. He also repeated this morning that the economy is sound.

    Here is an easy new rule: whatever the McCain camp says, the opposite is true.

  • emb

    We all seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole together, into a strange and wonderful world in which rightwing conservative nutjob republicans pop up from behind every mushroom to lecture us on sexism.

    republicans? Lecturing on sexism? Really now. mccain and his happy band of morons are opposed to equal pay legislation, hate Title IX, are against judicial rulings that view women as anything other than a uterus with legs…they’re against, in short, anything that realistically might be of benefit to female persons in the US. And they’re the champions of feminism? THEY’RE protecting us from sexism? These are the same people who coined the word “feminazi” forgodsake.

    What a strange world we live in…

  • John

    I like Tina Fey, and I hope this attention gets more viewers for 30 Rock. Whatever Alex Baldwin’s personal problems, the show with Tina and Alex as leads is very very funny. Its kind of live television worth watching to me.

    As for Sarah Palin, it’ll be Sarah “who”? come Thanksgiving.

  • bobito

    A strange world indeed, EMB, almost like Bizarro-world, especially when you talk to a McCain/Palin fan. Although I will agree with them on one point: it was disrespectful. But that’s because there isn’t much about Sarah Palin to respect, other than the fact that she’s a study in self-contradiction, matched only by her running mate, who at least has the potential excuses of PTSD and/or senility. Her excuses, other than greed, willful ignorance and massive arrogance?

    As for Tina Fey & Amy Pohler, sexist? Nah. Brilliant, inspired, funny-as-hell and right-on-target would be more appropriate descriptions.

  • Nitesurf

    Pit bullshit.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are the new Abbott and Costello. The caricature was brilliant! Pure parody (accentuating their weaknesses!) although Nicole Parker (of MadTV) captured Hillary’s sauciness better with her duet with Barack Obama to Rihanna’s Umbrella. Bring back Tina Fey!!! America needs your Sarah Palin-Sexpot… Churchill-y must be constipated on the big porcelein loo at this one of his betrothed – Sarah Putin!

  • Key

    It honestly boggles the mind. I’m nearly speechless – I honestly don’t understand how anyone is still buying what the Republican campaign is pushing. Talk about no sense of humor… But that’s ok, as it is rarely a good idea for a public figure to attempt a war of words with a comedian, the comics usually win.

  • Mo Mo St. John

    I worked for this cunt at HP and she destroyed the company as we knew it. When she was done, they had to pay her $21 million dollars (!) to leave. It’s still not the same. Fuck her. I knew she was a Repugnican.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Tina Fey is sexier than Sarah Putin. It’s undeniable.

    Deny it if you want!

    Fun Fact!


    Tina HOT. Sarah NOT!


    (not the sexist kind)

    Oh, that’s just sexist to mention that says Carly “I’ll sink your Furtune 500 poisonally!”)

    And, your point?

  • Tom in Houston

    Didn’t Carly’s old company just lay off 25,000 people today?

  • Mr C

    It was Hilarious and I LOVED IT!

    FUCK SARAH STALIN and as for Carly Fiorina. When this BITCH was over HP she sent 60,000 Jobs to India and told the people.

    GET OVER IT?????? For the people????

    Phil Gramm-Whinning Americans

    What a group of folks that can advise this OLD GOAT on our Economy!


    McInsane/Stalin ’08
    The Choice to keep America Dying!

  • Qjersey

    So Rush Limbaugh calls Palin a “babe” and other repundits make similar comments about her appearance… and that’s not sexist but making fun of her qualifications is?

  • afrolito

    Mocking her qualifications (which are actually stronger than Obama’s), and “babe appearance” is what will get her and McCain into the White House. The dems/dums will never learn.

    And yes, women can be just as sexist/misogynist as men. Just like gay people can be homophobic and racist. A cursory read of this site will more than prove that.

  • CSI

    That’s funny … Palin today said she thought it was funny, since she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween! The McCain people aren’t it close communications, it seems. And methinks Miss Fiorina’s still pissed she wasn’t chosen as JMcC’s running mate. And now she’s denigrating all women by stating that anything humorous stated about any woman is automatically sexist. Oh, poor Miss Fiorina; do we have an address to send her a lot of cotton batting to protect her sensitive person from the slings and arrows of Saturday Night Live?

  • michael

    McCain is such a big fucking baby and a pussy, look how mortified he looked when Ellen D. gave him her opinion on Gay marriage, he acted as if he could not believe that she said what she had just said. I really don’t have a lot of faith in America and I will not be surprised if they vote this idiot in. The country is about to go down the toilet, AIG, the largest insurer in the world that was founded by one of my relatives, is now tanking and will have to be bailed otherwise it will be devastating to the economy. The average American is a brain dead, uneducated piece of white trash and Palin is a perfect role model for them. This is becoming much bigger than just Gay Issues, The War in Iraq. American business is hitting the wall and if something does not happen there is going to be a depression. Start buying Euro’s people because in about a year the dollar will be all but collapsed.

  • chadnnocal

    Just imagine if they win the Presidency. They will probably work towards outlawing all comedy.

    I didn’t hear the Clinton camp making a statement that the satire was disrespectful or sexist to her. Oh that’s right Hillary has already learned that politicians sometimes get made fun of. I guess that shows who has the real experience.

    Tina was funny as hell! That was the best laugh on SNL in years.

  • geoff

    Hilarious!!! Too bad Tina Fey isn’t running for office. She’d probably do a better job than either candidate we’re stuck with now.

  • Rikard

    Sexist is slapping a beauty queen running mate on your foundering uptight old white guy campaign. It makes it look “new and improved” with “instant feminine appeal”. Satirizing such shallow, surface appeal techniques is just pointing out the comedy of a pig in lipstick, or a pit bull for that matter (but it’s more scary funny, not as silly funny).

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I smell an Emmy for Tina’s Guest Appearance. Do you smell what the Fey is crack-a-lackin’? Sarah Pixiedust should go on SNL to impersonate Tina Fey like she did one Halloween (and I bet she billed the State of Alaska for the new frames)

  • mark

    I’m sorry did Tina Fey call Cindy McCain a c*nt…no I didn’t think so. That was short fuse Grampy.

  • mark

    McCain’s consultants,

    just a warning, Tina Fey can do a Sarah piece EVERY show until the election, think you want to p*ss her off lying about her performance, really, REALLY?

  • bobito

    Mark – that would be GREAT! Tina Fey’s performance brought back memories of my childhood, when SNL actually knew how to do political satire. This was a laugh-out-loud funny routine, and more of the same from SNL would be refreshing.

  • ChristopherM

    In the words of Sarah’s doppelganger Karen Walker, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.

  • Dave

    Carly Fiorina, McCain’s attack twat.

  • Blayne

    Isn’t SNL supposed to be sexist, crude, dark, odd, off the wall, etc…as long as it’s funny? Me thinks the McCain camp is taking its talking points too seriously.

  • Santiago

    In what world is Palin more qualified than Obama? Please stop drinking the punch.

    Palin is an anti-feminist who attends a church that believes in praying the gay away, she calls her self a fiscal conservative while spending frivolously and investing surplus unwisely, rather than updating an infrastructure that hasn’t had a major improvement since Eisenhower, she supports the overturn of Roe. Vs Wade (and as a health professional I could easily fill this response with the reasons why that action would be superiorly detrimental to women’s health). The woman opposed the classification of the polar bear as an endangered species because she believed that would hurt the chances for drilling in the Arctic NWR, she opposes gay marriage, and this woman who has a pregnant teen daughter opposes welfare for pregnant teen mothers while supporting abstinence-centric education and creationism in the classroom. This same woman also refuses to accept the legitimacy of global warming… last time I checked, Palin did not have the letters PhD behind her name.

  • JoanAnna

    Lets get real people Tina Fey is white trash and an idiot of sorts and doesn’t know what day it is. Looks very obvious that she is on drugs or is high on some dreadful wild dream. I think she should be put on a Starship voyage to some distant planet as yet unknown thereby insuring that she goes insane
    and away from anyone human being. Sounds blunt but this matches her intelligent. By the way did Tina Fey ever finish high school ???? Again Tina Fey is a piece of white trash not worth watching on TV.

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