McCain Camp Ups Ayers Attacks

John McCain and his campaign team are keeping up the attacks against Barack Obama.

The Republican presidential candidate and his running mate, Sarah Palin, sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night to again raise the specter of “domestic terrorist” William Ayers, the Obama acquaintance who remains unapologetic for his involvement in 60s radical group Weather Underground.

…When Hannity raised questions about Obama’s association with William Ayers, McCain suggested that Obama was not being forthright in explaining the nature of their relationship.

The Republican presidential nominee defended his campaign’s recent focus on Ayers by saying that voters “should care about Senator Obama’s truthfulness.”

Palin also suggested that Obama hasn’t been clear about his involvement with Ayers and questioned his campaign’s “flip-flop” tactics on the matter: “We’ve heard so many confliction stories, and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy’s living room?”

Despite outcry from press and the Democrats, the McCain camp took the Ayers attacks one step further this morning by releasing an internet ad on his and Obama’s relationship. Reads the press release:

Today, McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest web ad, entitled “Ayers.” The ad highlights Barack Obama’s long-standing relationship with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. From his political introduction at Bill Ayers’ house in 1995 to their service together on two boards, Barack Obama has long known Bill Ayers but has not been straightforward with the American people. This is an issue of judgment and candor and Barack Obama has not told the American people the truth.

Ominous narrators, McCain and Palin aren’t the only ones getting in on the action. For the second day in a row, Cindy McCain, John’s wife, has brought her soldier sons into the political mix:

…Mrs. McCain made a rare reference to her sons when criticizing the Illinois senator for his 2007 vote against a war funding bill. McCain has two sons in the military, and one has served in Iraq. “The day that Sen. Obama decided to cast a vote to not fund my son when he was serving sent a cold chill through my body,” McCain told a crowded rally in Pennsylvania, an electoral battleground state.

“I would suggest that Sen. Obama change shoes with me for just one day and see what it means … to have a loved one serving in the armed forces and more importantly, serving in harm’s way.”

No disrespect, Mrs. McCain, but it was your husband who helped send your sons – and so many other kids – overseas and into harm’s way. If that doesn’t give you a chill, we highly doubt Obama’s sending shivers your way.

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  • L

    Funny how McCain didn’t bring up Ayers at the debate. Because then he’d have to substantiate his claims and everyone would hear Obama’s response. No, McCain would rather traffic in innuendo, relive the Vietnam-era, and appeal to the baser instincts of some voters.



    the public needs to know the truth about barack hussein obama.

  • Woof

    I would rather Obama be a domestic terrorist than be a crotchety old fascist!

  • fredo777

    Obama is not a terrorist.

    If we’re going to keep playing the guilt by association game, McCain isn’t exactly walking away with no mud on his toga.

    I’m still waiting on the Obama supporters to make more of a big deal about some of McPalin’s questionable acts + affiliations.

    Glass houses + all that.

  • andy

    If you are a republican, PLEASE don’t be gay! We have enough problems already, thank you!

  • Bristol the Slut

    Nobody cares about Ayers except McCain’s far-right goons. The electorate’s reaction is *yawn*.


    Finally the truth is coming out.

    Not that it matters now, since the election has been decided by the elite, the media and african Americans.

    I’m voting for Sarah and McCain, but I’m not a Republican but even when I was supporting Hillary the thought of one of my Gay brothers and sisters not being Gay because of their political affiliation never even crossed my mind. You’re quite an intolerant and hateful person ANDY and I seriously question your sexual orientation since no true Gay person would think that way about one of their one.

  • Trig Palin

    As long as we’re on the subject, McCain’s associations continue to be increasingly interesting as well. We’ve known for a while that McCain has befriended a convicted felon who advised his supporters on how best to shoot federal officials, used the money of a convicted criminal to help buy a house, befriended a radical anti-Catholic televangelist, befriended a radical anti-American televangelist, was a long-time associate of Charles Keating, and hired for his campaign the publisher of a Confederate nostalgia magazine who has described Nelson Mandela as a “terrorist.” This week, we also learned about McCain serving on the board of the extremist U.S. Council for World Freedom, where he worked alongside Iran-Contra figures, and a eugenics researcher studying “white superiority.”

  • michael

    This is absolutely pathetic, I have said it before and I will say it again, the Republicans have become nothing but the party to the racist, uneducated, white trash in America. I am actually afraid for Obama. McCain is covertly and overtly trying to instigate racial hatred in the ignorant rednecks of America. It makes me sick to think that anyone could sink so low as this. It is ridiculous. But nothing shocks me in America anymore, not after electing Bush twice. It saddens me think that there are crazies, like Churchill-y, that roam around, spewing there stupidity and Archie Bunker mentalities. Again, say your prayers for Obama, because these types of sub-humans will resort to anything to get their way. They have not the intelligence or the good of the universe behind them to do otherwise.

  • RS

    I am so profoundly disappointed in John McCain. More than a decade ago, when I worked as a public interest lobbyist for a poor nonprofit, I worked with McCain’s office and had a lot of respect for him at that time. That respect is now irrevocably destroyed. I think these unsubstantiated and easily refuted personal attacks against Obama are outrageous, particularly in light of how Bush torpedoed McCain’s campaign in 2000 with ugly insinuations that McCain fathered a black baby. And now Cindy McCain has the audacity to suggest that OBAMA is running the nastiest campaign against McCain? History will judge. History will record that McCain’s campaign was the lowest, nastiest campaign of the last 100 years (1972 being a possible exception, but even that I’m not sure). McCain has destroyed his own legacy. I’m sad to say that I now look forward to his retirement from the Senate in 2010. I cannot imagine he will run for re-election.

  • Dacato

    I would like to know more about Palin’s involvement with the AIP. As early as this year, she gave them a shout out at their convention. She has a lot of nerver questioning Obama’s patriotism and judgement given her own association with this radical group. Why have the Democrats not gone after her on this?

  • michael

    And one more thing for you Churchill-y. If you have a problem with Andy’s comment, then you ought to have one with what I am about to say. Every time I read one of your posts the film “The Shawshank Redemption” comes to mind. In the film there is a scene between Morgan Freeman’s character and Tim Robbin’s character where they are discussing the group of inmates that gang rape the newly arrived inmates to the prison. In it Tim Robbin’s refers to them as “homosexuals” Morgan Freeman’s character replies with “they are not homosexuals, homosexuals have a heart”. Thats how you feel, not like a homosexual but more like some sort of perverted, icky, heartless and disgusting being.

  • Investment Banker

    But nothing shocks me in America anymore, not after electing Bush twice.

    We only elected him once, thankyouverymuch. The first time he was selected by the Republican Supreme Court.

  • CitizenGeek

    I don’t think I ever doubted that the Republicans would eventually go this low (they are the dumbest, most conniving shits in the world) but even still, it’s rather shocking.

  • Jon

    I just read up on Bill Ayers. I’d never heard of him before this controversy. He doesn’t sound like a terrorist to me, he sounds like a patriotic hero. It’s funny how revisionist history twists things around. Ayers spoke for many people of his generation and he did what he had to do given the oppression of the times.

  • Mr C

    TRUST Kids,

    McInsane is going to find out. That when you go looking for TROUBLE you’re going to find it.

    Keating is the least of hs troubles when the real associations come forth.


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