McCain Clarifies Gay Adoption Stance, Supports States’ Rights

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain caused a stir this weekend after telling the New York Times he doesn’t support gay marriage because “both parents are important in the success of a family.” Well, his communications director Jill Hazelbaker today sent out a message clarifying her candidate’s message:

McCain could have been clearer in the interview in stating that his position on gay adoption is that it is a state issue, just as he made it clear in the interview that marriage is a state issue. He was not endorsing any federal legislation.

McCain’s expressed his personal preference for children to be raised by a mother and a father wherever possible. However, as an adoptive father himself, McCain believes children deserve loving and caring home environments, and he recognizes that there are many abandoned children who have yet to find homes. McCain believes that in those situations that caring parental figures are better for the child than the alternative.

Well, that’s good to know.

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  • Charley

    Marriage is not a state issue. DOMA made it a state issue, against the U.S. Constitution of Equal Justice Under the Law. It is Federal, and we queer couples don’t get the same Federal marriage rights as heterosexuals.
    That’s such an easy out for politicians to continue the excuse “it’s a state issue”. They are a state issue, the state of insanity.

  • Jamie

    I’m no fan of Obama, but this latest from McCain’s camp is a total load of crap. “I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family, so, no, I don’t believe in gay adoption.”

    Kinda hard to parse that as what they’re saying now. Liars.

  • villager

    I’m sorry, but I just looove this picture of McCain’s “O Face”

    though this o face is the face he makes when the incontinence strikes.

  • Jeremy

    When are these people going to realize… leaving some things up to the state is a stupid idea…. Until one point in the history of the United States, slavery was left up to the states… And we know how well that went over…. And it is not just McCain who feels that it should be left up to the state Obama takes basically the same stance on gay issues… And the idea of a civil union… can anyone say “Separated but Equal” another failed policy that these people are trying to force on us and trying to convince us that is fair… WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Jeremy

    “Separate but Equal” i hate typos.

  • DairyQueen

    Whatever Mcbush, I am so tired of that excuse “leave it up to the states”. I want to know how he feels about it personally. Well he made it loud in clear in the NY times. Who I am going to vote for someone who believes I should have my rights (whatever you want to call marriage which is a political pacfier) or someone who doesn’t believe in giving me any rights.


    “it is a state issue, just as he made it clear in the interview that marriage is a state issue.”

    OMG, just like Barack Hussein!

    What a couple of backward candidates that we have to choose from.

  • ajax

    If all this stuff just comes down to “states rights”, why the hell do we stay united? Why doesn’t each state become a separate country, so each state can fully exercise its sovereign rights? We clearly do not have a citizen who has an over-arching, holistic view to lead and unite the states, so why stay united? I say we secede. I’ll take Patterson as my president and Bloomie as my viscount (or whatever he wants to call himself) any day over the jokers who will be on November’s ballot.

  • nerdy

    Wow would anyone here seriously consider voting Republican? Why?

    If Democrats appear to love “the gays” it gets the right-wing all riled-up so they have to at least pretend to be god-fearing bigots.
    Got to get the Evangelical vote or at least keep them at home in November so they don’t vote for the other guy.

    Right-wingers have to take their Klan hoods off now and again to appear human.

    Neither choice is perfect but since there are only two choices and we can’t afford to waste votes or to Nader ourselves where is the dilemma?


    A Noob who comes in peace.

  • Brandon

    fully supporting gay marraige in this day and age is political suicide when running for president. it is really sad but we just dont have enough widespread support yet.

  • TheGuyByTheDoor

    Every time I hear a candidate “clarify” a position, in my mind I hear: What I said is what I mean but now I have to spin it…”

    I am surprised when they are surprised that we pay attention.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    I’m certainly pulling the lever for Obama, but from a Republican, thi s statement could have been a lot worse.

  • mark

    thanks for clarifying this MUSHY MCSAME…what a lying self serving HYPOCRITE.
    Give me your motherf*ckin’ morals speech about marriage and father of adoptive kids…like your two adopted sons and disabled disfigured wife you DUMPED…to chase the skirt of a blonde heiress fifteen years younger than you. AND you filed for your marriage license before you were granted your divorce….yeah, I need your moral certainty lecture….A$$WIPE!

  • mark

    btw….FUNNY McSame pic…2 thumbs up

  • Ruston

    “…he recognizes that there are many abandoned children who have yet to find homes. McCain believes that in those situations that caring parental figures are better for the child than the alternative.”

    So he recognizes that caring parental figures (ie, gay parents) are better than the alternative (ie, foster homes)? Yet it were up to him he would still deny children caring parental figures? Well that just makes him a contradicting asshole.

  • Brian Miller

    For the 7,000th time, Mr. McCain, states don’t have “rights.” Neither do cities, counties, boroughs, townships, or the federal government.

    Only individual citizens have rights.

  • Mikey M

    So what he is saying is that gays should be able to adopt all the kids no one wants???
    What an idiot.

  • Mike

    Is it just me or is one to many “that’s” in the last sentence?

    It’s not even a well-crafted statement

  • Mr C

    But if you really understand that’s why the Gov’t wants to leave things to the states. So they can tell Gays NO YOU CAN’T!

    And this time CHURCHYCHICKEN It’s not a African American you bastard but it might be your Grandfather. Only 1 Black Governor in all the US and he is for Gay Marriage and everything else Gay!

  • ProfessorVP

    I sure wish everybody, especially gay people, would stop saying “gay marriage”-
    you know, as opposed to “real marriage”- and instead say “same-sex marriage” or “marriage equality.”

  • Keehl

    Wow, what an idiot. I’d be interested to learn his stance on single parents then.

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