McCain In 2004: Another Run “Unlikely”

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only politician with a past.

John McCain’s queer gay politics get rehashed via a 2004 MTV interview, in which McCain tells John Norris that while he doesn’t condone gay marriage, the government should stay out of the bedroom. He also told Norris that he doesn’t anticipate another run for the White House. My, how things change!

Regarding gay marriage:

There’s many of us who are not comfortable with this issue, and I’m one of them. Primarily because I hate to see legislation and government involved in people’s lives. …But society is changing. We now have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy in the military. When I first came into the military, that would never have been possible. Society is evolving. Whether it’s evolving for better or for worse, I’ll let someone else make that judgment.

McCain went on to vote for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in his home state of Arizona. His current campaign pledged to stop the ever-elusive activist judges who “legislate from the bench,” which we consider to be nothing more than just balance of power.

The best part of this revisit, brought to us by journo Conor Bezane, is that fact that McCain previously dismissed another run for the White House:

MTV News, 2004: Four years from now, whether or not the president is re-elected, is there a chance we might see the “Straight Talk Express” hitting the road again?

John McCain: I think it’s very unlikely… We had a kind of magical moment [in 2000]. A lot of things came together that I think would be very difficult to do again. And one thing I would hate to be is somebody who goes back in and would lose. … It’s a long time away, but I doubt it. [Smiling.] I’m not gettin’ any younger!

You sure aren’t, McCain, nor are your politics.