McCain Makes Sammon Pitch A Tent

Log Cabin Republican leader Patrick Sammon hasn’t officially endorsed John McCain, but we’ve got a sneaking suspicion the good Senator gives the gay a political erection: “It’s good news that Sen. McCain is on track to win the nomination because he believes in a big tent Republican Party. His record is not perfect, but there are definitely positive signs.” Too true, Sammon. McCain’s not the worst, but he did campaign against gay marriage in Arizona, supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and hates “gay sweaters”. [AlterNet]

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  • emb

    I guess that’s what passes for endorseable in LogCabinRepublicanLand: Not Blatantly In Favor of Shooing Homosexuals into Camps. It’s a context in which actively campaigning for a state anti-gay constitutional amendment is considered a “positive sign” because he didn’t favor the federal amendment.

    Well now, once again, I’m forced to ask: Why in the name of all that’s sensible and self-preserving would any homosexual formally embrace the republican party or its candidate for president? Like the last 8 years of republican rule have been such a lovely tea dance for us? C’mon, LCRs: just withdraw noisily from the party, establish yourself as Log Cabin Conservatives, and pursue your non-homophobic conservatism independently–no republican’s tent is going to ever be big enough to include you in any substantive way.

  • ProfessorVP

    So true, McCain’s not perfect, but who is? Even Hitler was a fair painter and snappy dancer.

  • -M-

    The only reason I can think of for the LCRs continued devotion to the GOP is because of the party’s classical liberal, almost libertarian, views of the economy and government. That is, no or minimal government interference in the economy and small government (as opposed to big government).

    I assume that it comes down to money, money, money! I mean, the Democratic Party attracts caters for a fairly broad church all across the conservative-moderate-liberal spectrum, but are in essence modern liberals (welfare state-type) when it comes to economic issues.

  • M Shane

    My take on any modern Republican is either that they already have an excess of money AND are unabashedly selfish and unconcerned with what happens to the world.
    (In other words let it get fucked as long as I make it thriough my lifetime.) I.e. I just discovered that EXON/Mobile supplied the Nazis untill 1944-%25 of their volume. They have stll not paid any of the fine for the Valdez.

    Otherwise they are truely brain damaged IQ inder 80 and have been sold on the illusion that the American dream has any substance.

    The term “welfare state” is pejorative as we have come to understand economics–the position is one asking that everyone be given equal Economic opportunity in keeping with the idea of Justice.

    Anything having to do with limited government is so much shit: look at how Bush has spent so much money on his stupid hubris and idiot economics that we are Ten Trillion in debt. and the Chinese own a lot of our conm panies.

    Liberals just want to put a limit on people exploiting others and the world, and who have a concern that there be a future.

    It’s pretty simple. The log Cabinetes would be Ok if the republicans with a lot had not dwindled to a little pile and had to use the christian rednecks for votes.

  • Bill Perdue

    I wholeheartedly agree that it’s wrong for logheads to support McCain under any circumstances. He’s a bigot who’s hell bent on killing Iraqis, as many as he can for as long as he can. But I find it odd that the Stoneheads don’t think it’s just as wrong to support bigots like Clinton and Obama. They also support Bush’s war and their party has done substantial damage to our agenda since they captured Congress in 2006.

    EMB says it’s because the Republicans are fascists. He’s delusional; they’re not even close. That’s just a lie meant to frighten the gullible.

    The Democrats problem is that after they raped ENDA, shoved the hate crimes bill under the carpet and pigheadedly refused to repeal Clinton’s DOMA and DADT the level of gullibility took a big plunge. People are on to them.

    The only thing remotely true in EMB’s little apologia for the backstabbers is that GLBT folk aren’t ever going reform the Republicans. It’s a silly idea, almost as ridiculous as saying that Democrats are our friends. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

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