McCain Mocks Streisand

McCain mocked Obama today for hosting a fundraiser with Barbra Streisand, “He says he’s siding with the people just before he flew off for a fundraiser in Hollywood with Barbra Streisand.” McCain said there is no place he’d rather be than with the working men and women of Ohio. McCain has parodied Streisand on SNL, where he hawked an album entitled McCain Sings Streisand. You can watch that clip here. It’s pretty bizarre.

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  • jack jett

    McCain should be cautious throwing stones at women when he is married to woman who has the face of a shaved vagina… oxycontin induced vagina….

  • Jim

    My god, the man is just such a complete idiot… how anyone could possibly consider voting for him continues to astound me. Even my straight-ticket, dyed-in-the-wool Republican father thinks McCain is an asshole and is actually sitting this election out, rather than vote for McCain. Do they even realize how much of their loyal base they’ve lost with this choice? Do they even realize there’s a solid base, OTHER than the religious right and disgruntled Hillary supporters, that they might want to focus on? Morons. Oh well, it betters our Dem chances!

  • Nitesurf

    What was the price tags for Cindy McCain’s convention outfits again? Oh yeah, McCain’s so DOWN with the working class….

  • mark

    McCain is so anxious to talk about ANYTHING instead of the Economy.
    Even Babs.

  • marco Channing

    According to Cindy McCain, the best way to get around Arizona is in her private plane. People in seven glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Karl

    According to Michelle Obama, all Americans are “ignorant”.

    Keep the angry ones in Chicago, please.

  • John

    I watched Bill Maher this week.

    I learned that Cindy and John McCain actually have nine (9) houses.

    Obama was raised by a single mother.

    Who’s more working class?

    The Republicans are liers, and its clear that the older John McCain gets the more willing he is to do or say anything to win, which he won’t.

    I remember when he was against the creepily religious right wing of the Republican party, then he went to visit Jerry Fallwell at Liberty University and now he’s selected Palin (I guess they told him to).

    I guess his frail health will get some sympathy votes.

  • Rock

    I’d vote for Barbra for President before I would ever vote for McCain!

    You go girl!

  • girl-about-town

    “how many houses do you have?” argument is getting old people. So Cindy and John should be punished for living the American dream and being successful. Cindy explained on THE VIEW last week that she is fortunate that her grandparents and parents worked hard and left her in a position to live the life she leads. so what? Has anyone asked how many homes the Clintons have? I guarantee you the answer is not 1 or 2. For goodness sakes I have friends who are in their 40s and have 3 homes. they worked for them and have used them as investments. good for them. stop complaining about people who work hard.

  • polobear

    “So Cindy and John should be punished for living the American dream and being successful”
    No but they should not try to paint someone else as an elitist
    Someone who came from basaically a single parent home and worked his way through Harvard law school and is also living the American dream…. and if you can’t remember how many houses you own how can you fix the economy
    and before we get into the Hollywood elite club let me through out a few hollywood names
    Govenator Ahhhrnold S, Reagan (rip) Chuck Norris (ok B list) Mel Gibson

  • bobito

    Girl-About-Town: how in the hell do you manage to equate expressing the opinion that the McCains are woefully out-of-touch with the American working class, most of whom when I last checked were emphatically not “living the American dream”, with “complaining about people who work hard”? Do you REALLY consider the McCains “people who work hard”? Both of them were born into big money, lucky them. The only way they “work hard” is the way president bush works hard, in his own words, to “catapult the propaganda.”

    Well, now the American economy is fucked in a major way, and no amount of propaganda is going to fix it. Maybe somebody who actually worked a day in his life might be more effective in helping those of us who weren’t clever enough to be born into mega-rich families to survive the coming economic disaster.

    In addition, I’ll bet that your hard-working friends know how many homes they have. Hell, even YOU know how many homes they have!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    This is codified homophobia which the Republicans use every election cycle, with a trace of codified racism and blatant sexism. Barbra Streisand Equals Gay to Blue Collar knuckle-dragging America. How Barack can even allow McCain’s hatchet men to steal the Democratic mantle of relating to the poor is beyond my comprehension as we wind down on John Kerry, er I mean, Barack’s Obama’s presidential run. Is Don’t Ask, Don’t tell relevant to America right now? To some, yes. To most, the economy is in shambles but let’s keep the subject “Gay-ish”

  • daniel k

    McCain would rather be with the “working people”? Hmm… funny he didn’t feel that way the 19 times he voted AGAINST raising the minimum wage.


    McCain let her keep spewing her support for Obama because there’s no better kiss of death than a Barbra Streisand fundraiser in Hollywood.

  • marco channing

    Karl: According to Michelle Obama, all Americans are “ignorant”.

    Really? Please site the source of that quote if you expect it to be taken seriously and not seen as more LYING on the part of the McCain campaign.

    Opinion is not fact.

  • Mr C

    Your so right Chittyshitty-Y,

    That’s why the McInsane’s nor the Stalins will give a fuck about Blue collar workers like you!!!!!!.
    This is Kiss may not be what you want.
    Hopefully it will be your death!

    And Marco at least he spells his name right…

    McInsane/Stalin ’08
    The choice for a Dying America!

  • Babsdude

    Sarah Palin, by the way, met with donors Monday at a $2,500-a-plate luncheon in a private home in Cincinnati … so the Dems aren’t the only ones attending expensive-ticketed fundraisers! And John McCain took Hollywood’s money at a star-filled event at the Beverly Hilton on Aug. 25 in which Robert Duvall, Patricia Heaton, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jon Voight and James Caan showed their support for him. So Democrats arent’ the only ones who hobnob with celebrities!

  • Mr C

    So then Babsdude,

    Why the fuck is the OLD GOAT mocking Streisand? Sounds like a Hypocrite to me.

    Ya Think?

  • Okie

    I wish that someone would explain to me, without sarcasm or talking points, why they are voting for McCain instead of Obama. I just don’t get it.

  • Mr C

    Okie Boo,

    You have some Gays that are still angry over the Clinton loss.

    And then you have some Gays who are prejudice of course from home training so that stays with them and they can’t see nothing but a white person running the country even if it’s in the ground.

    That’s why.

    Sad but True.

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