McCain Pal Sanford Livid Over “So Gay” Ad Campaign

Of all the people pissed over South Carolina’s squashed “So Gay” ad campaign, perhaps it was Republican Governor Mark Sanford who was the most furious:

[When] Sanford learned that his state was being advertised as a gay tourism destination, he ordered a Cabinet-level department head “to do the right thing personnel-wise or process-wise to ensure this does not happen again,” Sanford’s spokesman Joel Sawyer told Q-Notes.

In the Governor’s office, Sawyer said that the state will not promote itself as a tourist destination through campaigns “aimed at a specific group of people.”

Sawyer said the “so gay” ad should have been “run up the flagpole,” but did not know whether any standard procedures were violated at the time it was approved.

“It defies common sense that someone would sign off on an advertising campaign that controversial,” Sawyer said.

Sorry, Sawyer, but we’ll have to disagree with you on that one. What defies common sense is that a lawmaker would rebuff millions of potential tourism dollars. But, then again, no one ever side the right was in the right state of mind.

Did we mention that Sanford’s on John McCain short-list for the vice-presidential slot?