McCain Supporter Blasts “Hooligan” Obama

A Wisconsin voter got all sorts of riled at a John McCain rally today.

Telling the Republican presidential candidate that he’s “mad” at the “socialist taking over our country.” The man then went on to blast those “hooligans” Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. The crowd at it up – and so did McCain, who concluded, “Well, I — I think I got the message. Could I just say, the gentleman is right. The Democrats have been in the majority for the last two years. Have we seen any improvement?” The crowd replied with a boisterous “no.”

Yet again, McCain allows questionable language to be released at one of his events.

[via TPM]

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  • CitizenGeek

    I don’t understand why Republicans call Democrats ‘socialists’. It’s like they don’t even understand the term. I live in Europe, so I know what socialism is, and the Democratic Party of the USA is most certainly not a socialist party. Unfortunately.

  • Marcus

    Are you serious? Socialism is bad. With capitalism, some win, some loses, but with socialism even if you win you lose!
    And what exactly is questionable about the guy? Americans are mad. Government has let down everyone. EVERYONE SHOULD BE MAD!

  • Michael

    Questionable? Fuck off

  • fredo777

    Blah. I so hope McCain loses + that he + Palin slink away to obscurity afterward.

  • greybat

    It’s mostly withered old republicans who miss the cold war who do that. It was so good for their pocketbook!
    A dash of Socialism is healthy in a Democracy, particularly in a continent-sized one like ours with a complicated infrastructure that’s difficult to maintain.

  • Qjersey

    The Dems have “been in charge.” HARDLY. The DEMS have not had the supermajority needed to get things done!

  • CitizenGeek

    “Are you serious? Socialism is bad. With capitalism, some win, some loses, but with socialism even if you win you lose!”

    I’m guessing that when you say “some win, some lose”, you’re talking about the fluke of being born into a well-to-do family or a disadvantaged family, right?

  • marco hussein channing

    First of all, my European friends are all happier than my American friends, primarily because they don’t have to worry about getting and paying for health care.

    Secondly, under Bush, McCain and the GOP, if you are rich you get richer, if your not, you get poorer.

    BTW. Has anyone used the word Holligan since the 1950s other than this guy?

  • michael

    I have lived in Canada for 4 years now. While its not socialist to the point many European nations are it is definitely much more so than the United States. I have always been fortunate in that I never had to worry about the basic needs of life and I never realized what a dog eat dog society the U.S. is and just how much fear permeates its being. I love Canada, I love that it is concerned with people. I love that people here are happy to pay taxes as long as they know things are being done to help those in need. I love reading the newspaper and hearing about how the government is trying to come up with more affordable housing for people. I love living in a society that spends its time trying to find solutions to real problems instead of figuring out who is going to be the next country they will bomb. I love living in a country where everyone, including gay people are equally protected under the law. No, its not perfect in Canada, but its definitely better. And guess what, one can also become rich here as well, a little more difficult, well maybe not so much anymore considering Americas financial meltdown, but one can.

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