McCain’s Suspension Threat Proves Lack Of Political Scruples

John McCain appeared on Fox News this morning and announced he may again “suspend” his campaign as the nation attempts to save itself from economic turmoil.

Said the Republican, “I’ll do whatever I can do to make this thing work… I will continue to do whatever is necessary and I will put my presidential campaign on the back burner if necessary and do anything. It’s far more important to help the economy of this country… I will do whatever I think is necessary to be effective.” McCain claims to have suspended his campaign last week, but in fact continued to press his platform across the country.

Aside from the utter ridiculousness of McCain’s political shenanigans, this latest “suspension” threat suggests that McCain not only doesn’t respect America’s political process, but the American voter. How can someone claim they want to lead the nation and then cower behind stunts and suspensions as our economy falls apart? This is absolutely disgraceful.