McCain’s Suspension Threat Proves Lack Of Political Scruples

John McCain appeared on Fox News this morning and announced he may again “suspend” his campaign as the nation attempts to save itself from economic turmoil.

Said the Republican, “I’ll do whatever I can do to make this thing work… I will continue to do whatever is necessary and I will put my presidential campaign on the back burner if necessary and do anything. It’s far more important to help the economy of this country… I will do whatever I think is necessary to be effective.” McCain claims to have suspended his campaign last week, but in fact continued to press his platform across the country.

Aside from the utter ridiculousness of McCain’s political shenanigans, this latest “suspension” threat suggests that McCain not only doesn’t respect America’s political process, but the American voter. How can someone claim they want to lead the nation and then cower behind stunts and suspensions as our economy falls apart? This is absolutely disgraceful.

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  • Trenton

    If he think that his presence and his presence alone will make or break this deal, then he really is delusional considering that it was the republicans who couldn’t get their act together…and most of them don’ like him anyways.

    “I’ll do whatever it takes…”

    to pause my disastrous campaign.

  • DairyQueen

    He wants to suspending his campaign, because he knows Biden is going to crush Palin. He doesn’t want to have her speak.

  • michael

    Its a manipulative tactic designed to make the American voter think
    “look, he is so dedicated to the well being of the United States that
    he will put aside his own self interest to fight for his country”..
    Its probably a Karl Rove tactic designed to impress the simpleton
    American voter that he appeals to.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Why did John McCain suspend his campaign?

    It’s the only way he can live in suspended animation beneath the layers of poly filler!

    He thought suspense is popular in those new black and white movies.

    His Momma is so old, she told him to get suspenders so his dickie won’t fly up and his drawers don’t fall down.

    He figured that if you “suspend” your campaign, then “disbelief” negates the Truth.

    Sarah Palin accidently read the script for High School Musical 3 thinking it was her Vice Presidential Speech. “OMFG! That’s totally awesome Russia!”

    There is no truth to the rumour (that he spread) that McCain is suspending his campaign. The New York Times was simply stating that John McCain’s dentures were suspended in polident.

    Cindy bought the White House on Ebay.

    Suspending is short for suspiciously ending!

  • kevin

    “I will do whatever I think is necessary to be effective”? Can you say “bully”?

  • teddy b

    to me, he’s a shit stain…

  • Okie

    I can’t decide which I despise more, Fox News or McCain.

  • Jim

    Exactly what I was thinking, DairyQueen.

  • Doug

    I think he should suspend it again. Suspend it till, oh, how about until Nov 4th? If McCain gave a flying fuck about this country he wouldn’t have asked Palin to be his running mate.

  • marco channing

    McCain has completely wiped out any respect or honor he earned as a POW.

    He is now, in a word–pathetic.

  • teddy b

    i still don’t understand what war experience he gained as a POW… he was captured… doesn’t that mean he sucks at war?

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