McG Seeks Babies?

Former New Jersey governor and forever homosexual Jim McGreevey may be looking to adopt.

Well, that’s what a nosy Saks shoppper told Rush and Molloy:

The ex-gov recently revealed their dream while shopping for baby clothes at Saks, according to an eavesdropper. “He said he wanted to adopt a baby,” the source tells us.

When asked if he and his Australian boyfriend, Mark O’Donnell are looking for children, soon-to-be divorced McGreevey insisted, “I’m already blessed with two wonderful daughters who represent a full-time commitment… There are no children presently in our future.”

R&M speculate, however, that McGreevey’s waiting for his increasingly messy – and maddening – divorce to wrap. At that point, of course, McGreevey’s daughters will be so thoroughly traumatized by watching their father duke it out with Dina Matos-McGreevey, he’ll have no other choice but to find new, less psychologically damaged offspring.