Famed Photog Offers Sex-Centric Collection

McGinley ‘Advocates’ Gay Art

The Advocate‘s rebranding takes an artistic turn this week as news mag invites gay artist Ryan McGinley to collect his favorite queer artists.

Among the 28-year old photographer’s selection, readers will find works by Marlene McCarty, Hedi Slimane, and our old friends, Jack Pierson and John Waters, whose “Gay Is Not Enough” you see above.

What links these artists, you ask? Sex. McGinley explains:

I love sex. I love talking about it and having it and then talking about having it. If I’m not talking about art, I’m talking about sex… Each artist in this portfolio has their own take on the relationship between sex and art, whether political or just, you know, sexual.

Get turned on to the aesthetic message here.

Also, you guys should relive our interviews with Waters and Pierson!

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