McGreevey Book Fall-Out


We kind of hate ourselves for caring so much about Gay American Jim McGreevey, his book, and all the drama surrounding him over the past few years. But, then we remember that we’re total gluttons for gay scandals and get off on even the most asinine continuations.

Maintaining his position (ha!) from when McGreevey resigned, Golan Cipel (pictured) insists that McGreevey’s portrayal of him as his lover ain’t nothin’ but fiction. “I’ve never met a liar like Jim McGreevey,” he says, tucked away in his homeland of Israel. Right. This from a man who says McGreevey sexual harassed him for two years before quitting.

Oh, don’t worry. He has an explanation.

Asked why he had not left sooner or gone to the authorities, he said he had been afraid no one would believe him. “I knew McGreevey would do anything to keep his job and I didn’t want to get between him and his ambition,” he said. “I felt I couldn’t really run away from a man this powerful and ambitious.”

Well, we don’t believe you. And from what we gather, you’re pretty ambitious yourself and allegedly asked for $50 million to keep quiet about the whole matter. Ambitious and insane.