McGreevey Done Gone Lost His Gay Mind

Jim McGreevey‘s nothing if not ballsy. A little over a month after filing for divorce, the former Governor of New Jersey has filed papers seeking sole custody of his and ex-wife Dina‘s daughter. New York’s ABC affiliate reports:

…McGreevey is going to court to ask for not only sole custody of their daughter, but child support as well.

The new documents make no mention of a matrimonial settlement agreement under the original divorce filing that said resolved all issues of custody and support. McGreevey would only say “it’s a private family matter.”

Ha! Private family matter our collective ass! Not only did the entire world watch as McGreevey came out of the closet, but we’ve all heard what Ms. Dina has to say about the fate of the mini McGreevey.

I note from news accounts of my husband’s filing that he claims we have reached a comprehensive agreement. That is not true. We continue to have profound differences about what our daughter should be exposed to, and until they are resolved, there will be no agreement.

We’re not sure, but we have a feeling that a judge is going to favor the Mrs. in this matter. First of all, women typically get custody. Second of all, McGreevey was screwing around during their entire marriage, lied to a state and has been investigated for irregular political practices (to say the least). Not the best candidate for sole custody. Never mind the fact that he’s gay, which probably won’t help matters.

As for this child support business – he must be out of his damn mind. How much did he make on The Confession? How many dollars do people throw his way for a speech or appearance? His request alone makes us hope Dina wins this battle.

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