Judge Lashes Out At Crazy Ink Seekers

McGreevey Madness!

It’s 1-1 in the latest battle of the never-ending McGreevey divorce wars.

A New Jersey judge struck down one of Dina Matos-McGreevey‘s latest libel counts against former NJ Governor and forever homosexual, Jim McGreevey.

Matos-McGreevey alleges Jimmy Boy Lover damaged her when he called her homophobic and claimed she covered his queerness. Further, the former First Lady insists her soon-to-be ex-hubby’s words hurt her memoir’s sales. Judge Karen Cassidy threw out the former, but will allow Matos-McGreevey to pursue the capital-minded allegations.

Cassidy, a woman of obvious sense and respect for the justice system, also took some time to deride the McGreevey duo’s dumbfounding divorce battle, “I would love this case to just settle, go away – and the madness to stop.” Amen.

Unfortunately, the madness will continue next month, when Matos-McGreevey’s lawyers attempt to prove McGreevey damaged Dina’s sales. While Mrs. M-McG’s representatives had no comment on Friday, McGreevey’s assured the public he’d come out on top. NY Post reports:

Asked after court if McGreevey could prove his wife knew his sexual orientation from the start, his lawyer, Matthew Piermatti, said, “Oh, yes!” but declined to elaborate.

Piermatti countered that “there are things that are not in the book that occurred” during the marriage and suggested that McGreevey had been trying to protect his wife by not spilling the beans.

McGreevey also suggests that Dina’s poor fashion sense and awkward Oprah appearance repulsed potential readers. We don’t about you guys, but we’re equally repulsed by both parties.