McGreevey More Foley Than Milk, Says Journo

Homo-journo James Kirchick certainly doesn’t mince words when it comes to former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevey.

Who could forget when McGreevey stood before the press and announced his homosexuality and resignation in the same breath? Kirchick sure as shit remembers, and he’d like to remind readers of a simple fact: McGreevey’s main offense is corruption, not cock sucking.

…Jim McGreevey was forced to resign for no other reason than that he was a corrupt politician. He’s more Mark Foley than Harvey Milk. That he was sleeping with a male aide is incidental to his downfall.

By conflating his political demise and his struggle to cope with homosexuality, McGreevey inadvertently hurt the cause of gay civil rights as much as any crusading, socially conservative political activist could have hoped to do. He fed the stereotype that gays are untrustworthy and self-absorbed, and that homosexuality is a personal weakness.

Yes, yes, that’s all true, but, come on, you have to love McGreevey: not even the queeniest soap opera writer couldn’t concoct a villain so perfectly ridiculous, revolting and wacky.

Remember when McGreevey announced his plans to become an Episcopal priest? That was some prime time shit!