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We meant to watch Jim McGreevey’s appearance on Oprah, but it totally slipped our pretty little minds. And, also, we heard it wasn’t that exciting and we can’t commit to a man whore’s appearance on Oprah unless we’re absolutely certain he’ll get a tongue lashing. We did, however, read the excerpt from his book in this week’s New York Magazine.

Not only do we get the sordid details of first meeting with Golan Cipel, the Israeli who insists their alleged affair never happened, but we get a glimpse inside the mind of a man who obviously thought he was pretty special.

I visited bookstores in New York and New Jersey and had sex in the small booths there until I became too famous to risk discovery. …The only place where I had ever found any real pleasure in these encounters was in Washington…there was an abandoned synagogue and a narrow alley leading to thee long-forgotten gardens in back. Every night, rain or shine, this hidden pocket of Washington filled with men just like me…We were the power brokers and backroom operatives and future leaders of America. We just happened to be gay.


We’ve never met the guy, but he sounds like almost every other politician we have met: a pompous, self-important prick. Only gay. Also, we sense he has a thing for Jewery. (Edit: Yes, Mike V, we did mean Jewry. Thanks!)

You know you’re not going to buy the book, but if you’re looking for a mindless read (besides us, of course) check out the excerpt online.

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  • Brandon D.


  • DC

    Hey, I live in Washington. Where’s this synagogue?

  • Rhea

    I read the New York mag excerpt last night. Pretty candid. Makes me proud to be from New Jersey.

  • Mike V.

    Did you perhaps mean “Jewry”?

  • Michael

    I did buy the book. He has a lot of good things to say about the damage done to oneself and others by being in the closet. He accepts all the blame for the damage he did to lives of others around him. He’s contrite and seems genuine in his effort to make right where he’s wronged by giving a complete and open confession.

    I know this site is about entertainment and pithy soundbites, but I think his book does a great service to anyone out there who might still be struggling with being in the closet. It definitely could be a lifeline to some kid who lives in an unsupportive family where he’s indoctrinated to hate who he is. It might change a few minds about how someone looks at their gay child or brother or co-worker by giving an insight into what it’s like to grow up gay and live a lie. For all those reasons, it kind of bums me out that you dismiss it (and him) out of hand without having read the book or having heard him speak passionately about it in interviews.

    And I’ve never given two licks about this guy before a few days ago, but I was moved by the things he has to say. He’s our tribe, and while I’m not suggesting that we embrace him based on that fact alone, why not err on the side of inclusion when someone says they are trying to make amends?

  • Mr. Willie

    Jim and his new boyfriend, who, by the way has one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen (trust me, Jim wasn’t the only one screwing around on the down-low), are media whores. Is there anyone out there who needs to know how much they paid for their 8-bedroom home in Plainfield? They are portraying themselves as the perfect gay couple. Instead of grabbing as much media attention as possible for their respective milisecond of fame (read, let’s try to sell some books…) they shold devote themselves to just living and being themselves.

  • Michael

    Sell books. Send out a positive message. I don’t see anything wrong with helping yourself while you help others. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do my job for purely altruistic reasons, but I do sleep better after a shitty day when I remind myself that I helped a few people have less pain while I made a living.

  • noah

    He’s a scumbag. He placed his lover on the government payroll. That’s corruption. McGreevey knew he was gay but got married a second time and used his wife for his political ambitions. There are plenty of closeted people who are ethical and don’t employ their extramarital lovers on the public dime or play mind games.

    Come on. This guy doesn’t deserve a free pass because he was FORCED out of the closet. He would have continued to abuse his power as governor to fund his sex life and cheat his wife out of fulfilling relationship.

    McGreevy is no hero. He’s just another corrupt politician trying to make a buck off his failures and public curiosity.

  • Size Queen

    Mr. Willie is a size queen.

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