McGreevey Snippet


We meant to watch Jim McGreevey’s appearance on Oprah, but it totally slipped our pretty little minds. And, also, we heard it wasn’t that exciting and we can’t commit to a man whore’s appearance on Oprah unless we’re absolutely certain he’ll get a tongue lashing. We did, however, read the excerpt from his book in this week’s New York Magazine.

Not only do we get the sordid details of first meeting with Golan Cipel, the Israeli who insists their alleged affair never happened, but we get a glimpse inside the mind of a man who obviously thought he was pretty special.

I visited bookstores in New York and New Jersey and had sex in the small booths there until I became too famous to risk discovery. …The only place where I had ever found any real pleasure in these encounters was in Washington…there was an abandoned synagogue and a narrow alley leading to thee long-forgotten gardens in back. Every night, rain or shine, this hidden pocket of Washington filled with men just like me…We were the power brokers and backroom operatives and future leaders of America. We just happened to be gay.


We’ve never met the guy, but he sounds like almost every other politician we have met: a pompous, self-important prick. Only gay. Also, we sense he has a thing for Jewery. (Edit: Yes, Mike V, we did mean Jewry. Thanks!)

You know you’re not going to buy the book, but if you’re looking for a mindless read (besides us, of course) check out the excerpt online.