McGreeveys Reach Custody Deal

“Delighted.” is just one adjective Jim McGreevey’s lawyers used yesterday when discussing the custody settlement McGreevey reached with his almost ex-wife, Dina Matos-McGreevey. The former first couple of New Jersey have been duking it out all week over their five-year old daughter, Jacqueline.

Despite the fact that these two people can’t stand one another, they somehow managed to reach an agreement, although both sides remain mum on the details:

The deal regarding their 6-year-old daughter came on the third day of negotiations, which included some closed-door testimony before the judge who is attempting to avoid a divorce trial.

“She’ll get a large amount of time to spend with her parents,” McGreevey said of his daughter as he left the courthouse escorted by two uniformed sheriff’s officers.

Moments later, lawyers for both McGreevey and his wife stood together before television cameras and reporters, saying they could not disclose terms of the custody agreement because it was confidential.

“It was an amicable settlement,” said John N. Post, who represents Dina Matos McGreevey.

You know what won’t be confidential? All the hearings on gay Jim McGreevey and wife Dina’s alleged threesomes with the former Governor’s driver, Teddy Pedersen. That shit’s going to be way public – and we’re way happy to hear it.

Drama continues next Monday.