McGreevey/Sullivan To Chat, Ponder

Speaking of Jim McGreevey, those of you in New York and with a penchant for masochism may want to head on over to the 92nd Street Y this evening to here the former NJ governor shoot the shit with conservative homo-politico, Andrew Sullivan.

God, can you imagine? We’d rather eat out of a used barf bag than participate in what will undoubtedly become an orgy of self-promotion as they chat about their respective books.

Complete details, after the jump.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering why this post has been tagged as “culture”, we were asking ourselves the same question…)

(Correction: The event is Sunday night, not tonight. Our bad.)

Courtesy of New York Magazine:
Former New Jersey governor McGreevey became a household name in 2004, when (true) reports of his long-secret homosexuality surfaced and forced him to resign. Since then, he’s bounced back with a well-received memoir, The Confession, which chronicles his long battle to reconcile his public and private lives. At this sure-to-be-packed conversation at the Y, he’ll talk with super-opinionated, gay-Christian-conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, whose own The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It Back came out earlier this month. — Sara Cardace
92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10128
between 91st and 92nd Sts.
7:30pm, $25

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  • Ron

    Hey there – love your site, but don’t understand why you have to bash gays like Jim McGreevey. After all, the guy lost his JOB because he was gay. All he is trying to do is the same thing you would do under the same circumstances… get another JOB in his field, which happens to be POLITICS.

    He is just doing what all politicians do, so why do you single him out and ridicule him? We have enough gay bashers in the Radical Right arena and we don’t need to support THEM by sniping on our own kind. Especially in this election and for the next two years we really need to SUPPORT our own kind even if they are political jerks because that’s all we’ve got, and we need every one of them.

    Maybe you should run for political office. Then you can run out and promote your book (err… blog) at the Y and we can poke fun at you!

  • Chris

    He didn’t lose his job because he was gay. He lost his job because he was a corrupt closet case being blackmailed by his ex-boyfriend, to whom he’d given a high-paying job for which said ex-boyfriend was completely unqualified for. I don’t get the notion that queer people shouldn’t criticize other queer people. Some of us are jerks who deserve it.

  • Jerry

    What Chris said. McGreevey wants people to believe that it was about his being gay so that they won’t look at all of the other things he was getting up to while he was governor, and not all of those even had anything to do with the gay boyfriend nepotism thing. McGreevey was not a good governor when one examines the whole of his conduct in office.

  • dan

    It’s “hear,” not “here.”

  • D.tastic

    We as queers don’t need to stand up for corrupt scumbags like Jim McGreevey just because he’s suddenly in our club. We need to stand up for what’s right. And nepotism and his other chicanery were not right!

    May I also say that Jimbo was not a homo when he was Gov. so how could we support him as a gay politician…particularly when he came famously out AGAINST same sex marriage. The question isn’t why won’t we be his friend, it’s “why won’t he stop embarrassing us?!”.

    And another thing, am I the only person totally creeped out about his putting his well used ass on the marriage bandwagon? Yuck. Has he been going out with that guy for like 15 minutes and now they’re life partners?

    I think he’s probably really sick and deserving of our empathy….which if he’d go away, I’d certainly have for him.

    When he spoke at the Center, people actually heckled him. This Y performance seems like a great opportunity to send out some lovin to two big nutjobs on one stage.

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