"Brandon is not a sociopath."

McInerney Lawyer To Use King’s School Records In Defense

Brandon McInerney’s defense team’s busy laying the groundwork for their client’s potential murder trial.

McInerney, you’ll recall, stands accused of shooting 15-year old Lawrence King to death last February. His lawyers yesterday won access to King’s personal records, which they hope will shed light on the “context” of the killing, which many say was motivated by King’s crush on McInerney.

The records in question are expected to disclose information on King’s behavior during the time he was living at Casa Pacifica, a center for troubled and abused children located near Camarillo, and attending Green School.

[Attorney William Quest] told the judge that he wanted unedited records, including the names of students, so he can talk “to other people,” including students, about the case.

“As I said before, Brandon is not a sociopath. This is not some crazy kid,” the attorney said, adding that this shooting was unlike others that have occurred in schools across the nation.

Quest said there was “a lot of stuff going on” before the shooting.

“There were warnings of trouble,” he said. “What I am trying to establish, given the mandatory harsh sentencing that goes with trying a 14-year-old as an adult, is explaining what was going on. How this tragedy happened, not trying to minimize it or take anything away from the tragedy. But at least, provide it in the context which we think would provide a partial defense on behalf of Brandon.”

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a “blame the victim” side show…