McInerney’s Iraq Vet Brother: “Oh, Those Nazi Books Are Mine

So Brandon McInerney, the then 14-year-old who shot Lawrence King brains out with a .22 caliber in front of his classmates, apparently had a German Iron Cross Medal, some books about Nazi youth and a drawing of a swastika with the words “white pride worldwide” written on it in his bedroom. But don’t get the wrong idea! He’s not a white supremacist like the prosecution would have you believe! All those things reportedly belong to his older brother Brian, an Iraq War veteran who testified in court recently while wearing his Marine uniform. Nice costume, Brian.

Here’s some of Brian’s testimony:

That’s my book. That’s actually the Twelfth SS Panzer Division is the unite I reenacted. I am a World War II reenacter. It’s basically a documentary, it’s a German film. So, if you know anything about foreign films in Germany and stuff, they do not make anything that promotes the Third Reich any more in Germany.

The image of an Iraq veteran defending his little brother certainly couldn’t have hurt McInerney’s chances of being charged with voluntary manslaughter as opposed to first-degree murder and a hate crime; especially since the prosecution is trying to paint Brandon as a white supremacist.

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  • Bob

    Yeah….bring in the brother in uniform and the stupid jurors will give that murdering bastard a break! His brother’s military service plays no role in this piece of crap’s case.

  • MBear

    the lies these people will go to to protect their murderous spawn is horrible.

  • Samwise

    Oh, for Christ’s sake. It’s so ridiculous when white supremacists claim to simply be interested in history. Like the Nazis ever used the slogan “White Pride Worldwide.”

  • Daez

    The funny thing is when people start thinking that just because you are in the military you are some upstanding pillar of the community. There are plenty of cases where that has been proven completely incorrect.

    I can totally see why a white supremacist would want to join the military at this point and time. We have spent the majority of a decade killing people in foreign lands mostly because their religious beliefs differ from ours. Seems like a prime opportunity for a white supremacist.

  • Aiden

    What, no gross generalizations about their race?

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @Daez: I think very, very many people understand that military men are just killing machines, and that a lot of those killing machines target people of difference.

  • JayKay


    “Waah, waah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Stop bombing people who want to destroy the west! Just let them plot to kill us all in peace!”


    Guess the rotten apples dont fall from from that vile family tree………..

  • Z

    Oh, so his brother is also a ruthless killer. Might as well off the whole family

  • Adman

    These Neo Nazis are always really chilling to read about on paper and whatnot, but that ends when you meet one. Dude is always a)a snitch, running from his life in the NLR, or whatever skinhead pack of chicken shits he was with. b)A punk, used to doing half duty at full pay, and selling his ass when times are tight because he is always also C) a lickspittle, and a toadying ass kisser. Same old same old.

  • xander

    Spam from a member on multiple posts, Queerty? Quite the ‘filter’ you have there!
    See, it really DOES get better when you’re a member, Lol.

    The white supremacy aspect of the case, although interesting, seems a curveball in what was to be a case about murder and motives. This trial seems to be getting little coverage outside the LGB press; but with this new wrinkle it will perhaps start attracting more attention from other quarters.

    I hope TV att’y Nancy Grace doesn’t latch on to this drama, all the same….

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @JayKay: Thank you for reminding us how grotesque it is for an idiot to laugh at a genius.

  • Zoe Brain

    Funny, there are no 12th Panzer re-enactment groups I know of. Probably because the 12th SS Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend” was formed from the most fanatical of the Nazi schoolboys – the “Hitler Youth”. No historical re-enactor wants to be associated with them, any more than they would KZ guards.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Aiden: Hey, this Jew has no love for the Aryan race. I’d do to them what Hitler did to my people—both my people—in an instant. What made Hitler an evil man was not what he did, but his motivations for doing so. Brandon McImanazi needs to be executed to send a message to the other neo-Nazi gay bashers that you all have targets on your backs.

    I just wish the same people who come here and bash “white gay men” who won’t date them because they’re bitter and hateful would leave us Jews out of it.

    @Abirdwillingtobeitself: The only one who thinks you’re a genius is you.

  • Cam

    @JayKay: said…

    “Waah, waah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Stop bombing people who want to destroy the west! Just let them plot to kill us all in peace!””

    Oh Please, nobody outside needs to destroy the west. Our own govt. and people like Michell Bachman, etc… are doing a fine job themselves.

  • MattGMD

    He has the stones to wear a US military uniform while claiming to be a WWII German army reenactor? If he is a vet and no longer active duty, are they allowed to don the uniform because wearing it certainly implies current active status.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @Queer Supremacist: No, when I meet a person in real life, it’s clear to that person that I’m a genius. In any case, you sound like a shrill woman, not like a gay man. Whenever a man doesn’t understand the praesens, it’s because a woman has a strong influence on his character. In your case, it’s probably a domineering mother.

  • o

    @Abirdwillingtobeitself: Stupid people can’t feel deeply, they can’t account for the leveling effect, and they can’t even measure time. They’re called invincibly ignorant for a reason.

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