McInerney’s Iraq Vet Brother: “Oh, Those Nazi Books Are Mine

So Brandon McInerney, the then 14-year-old who shot Lawrence King brains out with a .22 caliber in front of his classmates, apparently had a German Iron Cross Medal, some books about Nazi youth and a drawing of a swastika with the words “white pride worldwide” written on it in his bedroom. But don’t get the wrong idea! He’s not a white supremacist like the prosecution would have you believe! All those things reportedly belong to his older brother Brian, an Iraq War veteran who testified in court recently while wearing his Marine uniform. Nice costume, Brian.

Here’s some of Brian’s testimony:

That’s my book. That’s actually the Twelfth SS Panzer Division is the unite I reenacted. I am a World War II reenacter. It’s basically a documentary, it’s a German film. So, if you know anything about foreign films in Germany and stuff, they do not make anything that promotes the Third Reich any more in Germany.

The image of an Iraq veteran defending his little brother certainly couldn’t have hurt McInerney’s chances of being charged with voluntary manslaughter as opposed to first-degree murder and a hate crime; especially since the prosecution is trying to paint Brandon as a white supremacist.