McKellen Blasts Anti-Gay Preacher Man

Ian McKellen doesn’t take anti-gay criticism well. Nor should he!

The famous actor spoke out this weekend against Scottish Bishop Joseph Devine, who this year blasted Queen Elizabeth for adding McKellen to the Order of Companions of Honour last year.

In his attack, Devine described gay activists, including McKellen, as “a giant conspiracy’ which ‘we [the catholic church] neglect at our peril.”

Getting a bit of oratory revenge, McKellen took the following shot at not-so-divine Devine:

From the pulpit, homophobia is preached by some arrogant religious leaders who think their beliefs are superior to our inborn and, some would say, God-given nature.

The Bishop of Motherwell addressed his flock and told them how appalled he was that I had received an honour and that 100 years ago I would have been imprisoned like Oscar Wilde.

He feels that the Roman Catholic Church is beleaguered in some way.

Out actor Simon Callow also lambasted Devine, calling him “a profoundly ignorant and stupid man.”