McKellen Comes Out Against Prop 8

Sir Ian McKellen, an actor of the homosexual variety, came out against California’s Proposition 8 today.

And, being a Hollywood type, McKellen released his statement via the Beverly Hills High School Gay Straight Alliance:

California’s influence stretches across the world through the imagination of its citizens in films and through the internet. At the same time, its welcome to strangers has meant it has been home to those escaping oppression, many of whom have identified themselves as gay. For both reasons I feel involved in the outcome of voting over Proposition 8.

The world has turned to a point where any discrimination against gay people in your state, in your country, in our world is unseemly and unnecessarily cruel. If two people wish to declare their love for each other, who are the rest of us to stand in their way?

McKellenn concludes by urging voters to vote “no,” but the actor does make sure to say “please.” Quite the gentleman, that Ian!

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  • Chris

    Be my English daddy, Ian!!!

  • Concerned in California

    Make No Mistake. Prop 8 Really is About the Kids

    I am concerned for children in California.

    “Who’s Really Lying”, a well-researched and startling article on illustrates how the education of children about being gay is one of the core aims of many of the most active opponents of Prop 8.

    It has already happened in Massachusetts and been upheld by a federal judge. It has even happened more strikingly during a recent first-grade field trip in San Francisco. Same-sex marriage proponents want kids to condone gay marriage, to accept it, to think of it as normal. Voting Yes on 8 will ensure that children are taught correctly about traditional marriage AND tolerance for gay people under domestic partnerships. It is NOT intolerant to vote your conscience and vote YES on 8. You are not alone.

  • Corvidae

    All field trips in California require permission slips, so don’t give me that B*ll*cks.
    As an englishman myself I cannot understand what the problem with the “protect family” people, they wouldn’t be protecting my friend’s family of two dads (in england civil unions are actually treated as marriage) and certainly wouldn’t protect my future family, when my husband (if I have a husband) needs to visit me in hospital.
    Anti-discrimination laws, and initiatives about education are already covered by other legislations, and would not be affected by this ruling.

    I hate reading lies. I hate people using children to further their agenda.

    When I was young, I wished to move to America, but over the last two years, I’ve become disgusted at the politics and fanaticism of the conservatives, who do not believe in every man being equal.

    Shame on you.

  • REBELComx

    Oh great, a bible thumping troll has already come here…a gay site…in an attempt to change our own minds about our own rights.
    Maybe we should go on their website and convince them that they shouldn’t have tax exeption and are themselves the real terrorists, attacking a community of people in an attempt to dehumanize them and strip them of their rights.

  • REBELComx

    D’oh. What i REALLY wanted to comment on was just how fucking AWESOME Sir Ian is. The man has been fighting this same battle in his own country for years. He is an intelligent, honorable, humorous, talented, handsome queer and he should be an idol for each of us.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Sir Ian has been an idol of mine for many many years. I am proud of this icon who is standing up to be counted and championing the LGBT community to vote no, the only sensible vote, on Propositon 8.

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