McKellen Spurred Amaechi Outing

We can thank Sir Ian McKellen for former b-baller John Amaechi’s groundbreaking coming out. Amaechi, also known as our forever crush, recently told Pink News:

I nearly just decided not to ever go back to America and just stay here and say “let them froth around in their own mess,” but I went to Manchester Pride and Sir Ian McKellen was the Marshal … I’m not very fluffy with these things and I’m quite cynical.

However, the sight of him waving and looking at the reactions of people to him waving, the sight in people’s eyes of ‘That’s Gandalf, international superstar.’

I thought, obviously I am not anything like that status of superstar or even celebrity, but if on a smaller scale I could have an impact that would be a good thing.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say the gamble paid off.