McKellen Spurred Amaechi Outing

We can thank Sir Ian McKellen for former b-baller John Amaechi’s groundbreaking coming out. Amaechi, also known as our forever crush, recently told Pink News:

I nearly just decided not to ever go back to America and just stay here and say “let them froth around in their own mess,” but I went to Manchester Pride and Sir Ian McKellen was the Marshal … I’m not very fluffy with these things and I’m quite cynical.

However, the sight of him waving and looking at the reactions of people to him waving, the sight in people’s eyes of ‘That’s Gandalf, international superstar.’

I thought, obviously I am not anything like that status of superstar or even celebrity, but if on a smaller scale I could have an impact that would be a good thing.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say the gamble paid off.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Two very cool men.

  • Shabaka

    I’m in love with him!!

  • Xylitol

    The LGBT community has not given this man the respect and status he deserves. Well-spoken and openly gay, Amaechi reaches a much-overlooked population of not just gay people of of all people, specifically kids in the sports world.
    It’s sad we’d much rather froth over gay-friendly celebs than the real deal. Read his book! It’s full of amazing insight.

  • sam

    Frodo Lives!

  • msim

    I am a full-time lifelong dyke but when I see or hear this man, I get IT. He beats all of Queerty’s Morning Goods. He’s Evening Goods, All Day’s Goods.

    Just lovely.

  • John


    It’s Gandolf!

  • John


    Very true. But the same can be said of Hetero’s like him: he doesn’t play the game, is respectful and honest and refuses to be a ‘parody’.

    Although the LGTB community has a history of embracing all sorts of stupid gay people because they are qausi famous, lol; this guy isn’t a stereotype.

    For all it’s issues and huge protests about being treated and seeing as ‘equals’, when we have someone who admits is gays and breaks a good number of walls while doing it…strangely but not surprisingly, he is ignored..

  • hells kitchen guy

    Whoa,people! Quit using this as cudgel. Amaechi has gotten awards, marshalled parades, headlined events, graced magazines – he’s hardly been ignored by the gay community.

  • PalePhoenix

    “No. 7 · John

    Did I miss something? More amusingly, did I POST something? If only I had someone who didn’t write to me in the wrong threads, then we could skip away from the internet, hand in hand…

  • Mr C

    Hells Kitchen Guy,

    Is right they already chewed him up as their cause while the book was out. Now it’s old and their looking for the next OUT one.

    Hold on to your jock straps and panty liners. There’s a BOGUS rumor in the NY Post that Jason Priestly is out of the closet and living happily partnered in PA.

    But I don’t believe it!
    There always Neal Patrick Harris, and JC Chasez

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