MD First Lady Apologized For Calling Anti-Equality Lawmakers “Cowards.” Durn!

She took it back!

Yesterday Queerty gave a fist-bump to Maryland’s First Lady, Catherine Curran O’Malley, who told attendees atthe Conference on LGBT Equality in Baltimore that delegates who switched their votes on a same-sex marriage bill last session were “cowards.”

Addressing the Creating Change conference on Thursday, O’Malley said, “there were some cowards that prevented it from passing.”

But then on Friday, the First Lady—who, by the way, is also a Maryland state judge—issued a statement saying she regretted her choice of words and that she had let her “feelings get the better of me,” writes The Baltimore Sun.

Well, we can’t say we’re not disappointed, but at least she and her husband, Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley (right, shirtless), haven’t apologized for or backed down from their support for gay marriage.

And we kind of understand the position Katie was in: Facing a night on the couch versus getting to snuggle up with this gray-haired fox, you might apologize too.

Plus, maybe “cowards” isn’t the right term for those legislators. Del. Melvin L. Stukes, who had originally co-sponsored the marriage-equality measure actually backed away from it because he thought it was a civil-unions bill.

And Republican Del. Don Dwyer fought against it because, he said, the main reason advocates are pushing the bill is to get gay marriage into the public school curriculum.

So maybe Mrs. O’Malley should have called her opponents “morons.”

Photos: Special Olympics Maryland, Maryland Office of the First Lady