ME Equality Opponent Erick Bennett: Same-Sex Marriage Leads To Communism

Eleven other countries have passed gay marriage: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and Sweden.

Passing gay marriage is not the only thing they have in common: They are also ranked the most socialist countries on earth. So what does socialism have to do with same-sex marriage?

To understand that we need to know what socialism is.

Socialism is a political and economic theory that believes that government should control everything. It is a stage between overthrowing capitalism and creating a communist government.

Same-sex marriage is a cover so politicians can play political football in the attempt to score votes and grow government.”

—A truly desperate-sounding Erick Bennett of the anti-gay Maine Equal Rights Center, in an op-ed in the Bangor Daily News.

Photo: Maine Equal Rights Center

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  • Stache99

    Yup. As insane as he looks.

  • jkb

    OMG! I thought that was George Zimmerman!

  • Cam

    Funny, these right wingers always leave out the fact that Isreal recognizes foreign gay marriages. They would never want to admit that the country they talk about so much and want so much money to go to ALSO has legally gay married couples there.

    as for their comment’s on socialism, gee, maybe they are right, currently our govt. does not tax churches….that is providing a govt. benefit to them paid for by my taxes. That is VERY socialistic, so I’m sure that this guy would support ending that govt. subsidy of churches.

  • Cam

    I commented that these right wing religious folks love to trumpet Isreal, but they always seem to leave out the fact that Isreal has leagally married gay couples. They recognize all foreign gay marriages.

    I then pointed out that not taxing churches could be seen as socialism since the govt. was subsidizing them.

    Queerty screened out my comment. There was no swearing, it was a slightly longer version of the comment I just wrote. What gives???

  • Cam

    This is bizarre, Queerty is screening out words they are using in their own articles.

    Anyway, the comment I’ve tried to make twice is that fools like this guy love to trumpet Is-real and love the U.S. support for it. They always seem to leave out the fact that that coutnry recognizes foreign gay marriages and they can legally live there as a married couple. I guess that doesn’t fit with his narrative.

    Also, if he is so against Social-ism then he should of course support the govt. taxing churches. After all, given them a pass is aking to the government supporting them financially and we can’t have that can we? That is too social-istic.

  • erikwm

    I think the tens of thousands of homosexuals who were sent to gulags and forced labor camps in communist countries throughout the 20th Century would disagree with Mr. Bennett’s assessment.

  • Guillermo3

    Bennett proves,once again:The PARANOIDS
    are out to get us!!

  • LubbockGayMale

    So, socialism believes government should control everything, eh? If he’s so against socialism, why in the heck is he insisted that HIS form of government should control my love life? By his definition he’s a Socialist, right???

  • Joel J

    Those who oppose same-sex marriage use Biblical text as the basis for their argument. Those for whom religion is not the organizing principle of their lives have no basis for opposing same-sex marriage other than that they don’t like it. Those socialist countries listed are among the least religious countries on earth. Their citizens enjoy a high standard of living and report high levels of personal satisfaction with their lives according to Pew Research. Religious bigotry, sexism, homophobia are all of a piece.

  • Rockindad

    Or, socialist governments ARE just more fair when it comes to equal rights, in general. This speaks to the general “Big Government” vs. States-rights issues with conservatives in the USA. All they’re trying to conserve is their own personal advantage politically. Local government, state or regional, is always the last bastion of prejudice and paranoia for these people when things don’t go their way.

    Conservatives have never supported civil rights equality, whether for people of color, women, or sexual orientation. And, don’t give me Ab Lincoln freeing the slaves being a “Republican” -his Republican Party were the LIBERALS of the day and only went conservative when the Democrats stole their thunder after the Great Depression (the first one…).

  • dvlaries

    So let’s see … gay marriage causes pedophilia, beastiality, polygamy and now communism…?
    Wake me up when it starts causing cancer of the throat in right-wing nuts.

  • Dumdum

    @dvlaries: That is hella funny girl!!!!! What is so crazy is that most of the idealism of the communists are sound but it always gives way to a totalitarian government. Human nature gives us the desire to be a community, but greed takes over and screws it all up. Poor stupid monkeys all.

  • Guillermo3

    @Dumdum: Hate to agree with you,
    but sadly,you are right,not just about human nature/human endeavor
    generally.It seems that even our best ideals,our noblest
    intentions,our most glorious visions are invaded by,as you say,
    Some of this seems to be “hard-wired” into us[like testoserone],
    some of it the product of
    behavioral adaptation.Even the gentle Franciscans became some of
    the worst exploiters of the Spanish colonial empire.Thank God,
    or whom/whatever there are occasional exceptions!

  • Bellerophon69

    So let me get this straight (pun intended); he wants government to control whether or not same sex couples marry, but socialism is when the government controls everything, like controlling whether or not same sex couples marry. So is he for or against socialism? What a dipshit!

  • Guillermo3

    @Cam: Cam,Who knows what
    EVIL(or is is it just incompetence?) lurks in the heart of
    QUEERTY’s comments screening?!!!??Like you,and apparently
    many others,I’ve frequently had my comments dumped into the
    “comment awaiting moderation” dung heap,usually after responding
    to a verbally fag-bashing[closet case?] who has been allowed
    to spew venom for days.I don’t think it’s language
    [on Davey Wavey’s BTI,it is_you have to self censor f*g,c*nt,
    etc.,etc. to be posted],because one frustrated poster,after
    “awaiting moderation”,was able to post “FUCK QUEERTY,for your
    censorship” successfully.

  • Joel J

    @Guillermo3: Your argument reflects the conservative mindset: humans are intrinsically evil and sinful and therefore all efforts to improve the human condition are futile. All I can say is, thank God for liberalism.

  • Guillermo3

    @Joel J: Which “argument”,Joel?
    My comment #13 ,agreeing with Dumdum?
    If so,I don’t agree with you,unless I’m the REDest conservative
    since Trotsky.Not happy about the way things are/always have been,
    probably will be,but I think my comments reflect a reality,based
    on a lifetime’s experience and observation.That’s why I liked the
    film “Excities”.But still one HOPES.

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