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Mean Anti-Gay Letter Shot Down by Awesome Army Chaplain

Remember the good old days, when pretty much every religion (except the Quakers) hated gays? Things were so much simpler then.

Nowadays, religions are coming around to our side so fast, we don’t know who we should be afraid of.

Last week, we were feeling nervous about Army chaplains. A group of ’em wrote a strongly-worded letter about how they want to stop gay couples from getting married on bases. They said that LGBT weddings are “hostile” to servicemembers who feel that gays are immoral. (Which is rich: you’re trying to bust up our weddings and we’re the ones being hostile?)

Mean! But now another chaplain is saying the exact opposite, and adding a sassy head-bob and snap as he comes to our defense.

“Their cause is sinking,” writes Captain John F. Gundlach, calling the anti-gay letter “archaic and totally out of touch.”

He adds, “many will wonder why these groups don’t have a more important religious message to share.” Zing!

In fact, the anti-gay chaplains are probably pretty few in number, despite the amount of noise they’ve made. Only two of them actually resigned over DADT.

And that’s not the only group where outrage over queers is unexpectedly muted. When the Church of Scotland moved to ordain clergy, only two guys in the entire country decided to leave the church.

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  • billy wingarden

    Why is the USA almost the lst country in the westernized world to not have gay marriage or CUs?

    Answer – because the USA is one of the most religious countries int he world.

    And who are the enemy of decency, love and equality……….

    1. the bible belt mentality people who gave us slavery, the kkk and segregation.

    2. the catholic church. which for centuries hid the endlesws molestation of children, especialy they moved known vile priests to new locations where the priests continued their crimes while bging in the money.

    3. and the unexplainable Mormons, who seem to have forgotten that they were mass murdered in this country adn driven out of the then USA to the wilds of Idaho.

    Now you know why our whole family, and os many others are aethists or agnostics.

    couldn’t we just simply trash all of religion, and save one line from a man who was actually a Jewish Rabbi long ago……..

    who commanded us to “love thy neighbor as thyself” JC

    All the rest is about power, and money and the “lust for money and power is the root of all evil”

  • Atlas

    Awesome to see some many religious groups waking up, but I’m still glad I was born into a Quaker family. Made coming out so much easier than a lot of my gay peers.

  • DavyJones

    @billy wingarden: The Mormon church is centered in Utah, not Idaho.

    While ‘the North’ often tries to white wash history, and pretend Slavery, Segregation, and the Klan were only Southern issues. The truth is the entire country benefited from Slavery, and the only reason the slaves were centralized in the South, is the farm lands were centralized in the South.

    The Catholic Church has many flaws, but to pretend they have done no good in the world because of a minority of priests who have done great evil is akin to anti-LGBT groups who paint all gays with the brush of evil done by a small minority of gays in history.

    Jesus wasn’t a Rabbi in the Jewish faith. He was a Rabbi in that he was a Teacher, but he was not the leader of a Synagogue or a Rabbi as we understand the term today.

    As to the main point of your post; The US is not at all the most religious Country in the world. Surly that title would go to a country with an organized religion; say Vatican City, or Iran, Israel, or European countries with deep religious backgrounds like Italy, or Spain. All of which have varying degrees of acceptance of LGBT groups. Religion does not make one evil or stupid; rather, as this article points out, the twisting and mutilation of religion for a particular purpose does that.

  • LandStander

    Its not necessarily just a small minority of priests in the Catholic Church that have done great evil. In fact, the full force of the Catholic Church has been less than perfect. An example is the Vatican putting their stamp on the Concordat, the alliance of the Catholic Church and the Nazi state. (If I am not mistaken, they were indeed the -first- to sign a treaty with Nazi Germany.
    I do not paint every Catholic with the same brush, but I do paint the Catholic Church as a whole with the sickly, putrid paint its actions (past and present) deserve.

  • Joseph

    @Atlas: Glad I’m not the only gay Quaker that reads Queerty! Maybe more gays need to meet the Inner Light.

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