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Mean Anti-Gay Letter Shot Down by Awesome Army Chaplain

Remember the good old days, when pretty much every religion (except the Quakers) hated gays? Things were so much simpler then.

Nowadays, religions are coming around to our side so fast, we don’t know who we should be afraid of.

Last week, we were feeling nervous about Army chaplains. A group of ’em wrote a strongly-worded letter about how they want to stop gay couples from getting married on bases. They said that LGBT weddings are “hostile” to servicemembers who feel that gays are immoral. (Which is rich: you’re trying to bust up our weddings and we’re the ones being hostile?)

Mean! But now another chaplain is saying the exact opposite, and adding a sassy head-bob and snap as he comes to our defense.

“Their cause is sinking,” writes Captain John F. Gundlach, calling the anti-gay letter “archaic and totally out of touch.”

He adds, “many will wonder why these groups don’t have a more important religious message to share.” Zing!

In fact, the anti-gay chaplains are probably pretty few in number, despite the amount of noise they’ve made. Only two of them actually resigned over DADT.

And that’s not the only group where outrage over queers is unexpectedly muted. When the Church of Scotland moved to ordain clergy, only two guys in the entire country decided to leave the church.