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Mean Girls 2 Is Going To Ruin Lindsay Lohan’s Legacy

Can you really have a Mean Girls sequel with neither Tiny Fey’s writing nor Lindsay Lohan’s stares? No, you cannot. But that’s what ABC Family is foisting upon us with this weekend’s straight-to-DVD release of Mean Girls 2, which somehow didn’t manage to take any lessons from Gossip Girl or A-List: New York about the new nuances of being the alpha bitches.

Are we still doing the small dog thing?

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  • Cam

    I actually thought all the side characters were better than Lohan. The 3 plastics, her friend Janice, the teachers etc… Lohan was the least interesting person in the movie.

  • Devon


    I’m gonna go watch the original Mean Girls seven times to cleanse my palate, and try to forget I ever saw this.

  • Red Meat

    @Cam: Lohan was perfect for the role and her transition from good to bad to good was on target. Just because she is a crazy drug addict now doesn’t mean she could not act before when she was sane.

  • thedarkchariot

    The whole premise of Mean Girls was that the fighting between girls was sneaky. Regina George – the queen bee – was seen as nice and sweet by everyone who didn’t really know her. This premise is destroyed in this movie with the mean girls actually being overtly mean! Not to say everything else that is ruined!

  • Pip

    @Devon: hahahahah. its pretty damn awful

  • Zeus

    wow I know they’re basically copying the formula, but there is no reason for the blonde girl to act EXACTLY like Amanda’s Seyfreid’s Karen.

  • Montana Joe

    Terribly cast… The girl who plays Mandi can’t own the part of the Queen Bee

  • eyesiq

    She’s like some awkward spoiled nerd girl who just thinks she’s queen bee…

  • alan brickman

    mean girls are just future predators of young boys..and future senators who will deny g’s their rights…..

  • alan brickman

    Queen bee’s are psychopaths….

  • justiceontherocks

    How can you “ruin” Lindsay Lohan’s legacy? Hasn’t she already done that herself?

  • Billy

    Mean Girls was a copy too, a generation behind Heathers, but same concept.

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