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Mean Girls Heartthrob Jonathan Bennett Breaks Two Ribs Doing Interpretive Dance To Bette Midler

We’re aware that Bette Midler still possesses a very sharp tongue (right, Ariana?), but who knew her own music could be so dangerous? Jonathan Bennett, that’s who. The actor who made Lindsay Lohan’s heart go pitter-patter as Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls a decade ago learned the hard way while rehearsing for his recent stint on Dancing with the former Stars. Bennett was working on an interpretive dance to Midler’s mawkish “Wind Beneath My Wings” and while sliding down a bannister (!) he toppled over and fell many feet to make a hard thud on the floor. TMZ reports Bennett broke two ribs and his arm required a sling after the scary tumble. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Watch Bennett go boom below.