Mean Mother.

Wisconsin-based mother Teresa Kelly has launched a one woman war on her daughter’s teacher after the teacher “promoted” homosexuality while discussing discrimination. Kelly’s particularly irked that the teacher said gays are “born that way.” [ONN]

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  • kevin57

    It always bemuses me when straight people think they have a better grasp on gay identity than gays themselves.

  • PalePhoenix

    Straight people think they know what’s good for everybody…but I’m sort of skeptical about this. For one, this ‘ONN’ resource features banner ads by the American Family Association (yes, they stand for what you think they stand for), making a basically private non-news item into something pointlessly sensational. I feel parents have a right to guide what their children learn, but this girl is a HS senior ferpetesake.

    If this is the first she’s hearing about gays and lesbians in traditional/emulative family relationships, then Mom’s obviously cut teh intarwebz off at home. Did the mother not know this would be part of the curriculum? Don’t get me wrong, I think it should be included of course, but if parents want to foster ignorance, and so the other children can learn how the world works, they should keep their kids home on days when dirty ladyparts are shown and someone describes how to use a condom, too. Then they can blame themselves when all manner of other shit happens to their offspring because they needed to keep them as stupid as themselves.

    On a side note, Gee, I really wish I could post the URL to my blog/forum/site repeatedly and never have to worry about it getting stripped out because it looks like I’m spamming.

  • emb

    Kevin57, that’s cuz all the trooth they need can be found in their handy bible, a highly relevant 3500 year old document multiply translated and hobbled together by some of the most excellent minds of teh 4th, 11th, and 16th centuries.


  • Chris

    Look at the comments this crazy pseudo-Christians have chosen.

  • Chris

    Richard Dawkins thinks that forcing religion on children is a crime and I think he’s right.

  • Mike

    Funny that straights are “born that way” but nobody else!

    tsk tsk!

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