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Meanwhile In London: Five UK Artists You Should Know About

Meanwhile in London offers a snapshot of today’s UK gay scene with a look at the movers, shakers, hotties and biggest talents of the day. First up, five UK artists that you should know about…


Ray Noir – the rocker

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This Norwegian-Londoner piece of handsome is “Prince of Darkness,” Ray Noir. You may recognise him from our list of Gay London Party Animals earlier this year, and since then he’s put together a very dirty sexy dance track, “Double Trouble,” produced by the epic FRANKMUSIK.

Here’s the preview… Check out Noir’s facebook page for details on the release!

He says: “I guess most people take me for a Goth or something, but I’m inspired by a lot of sub cultures; Goth, Glam, Punk, Metal etc. I’d probably consider myself a dark rocker if I have to categorise it.”

On the USA: “It would be great to conquer America, I guess that is everyone’s dream. But right now I plan on focusing on the UK and German market and then i’ll see where it takes me.”

We asked him why he’s one to watch… He said:

“Because I’m an entertainer when I hit the stage. I believe if you go to a gig you have to have something to entertain you, it has to be either very theatrical or very emotional. I’m here to hit you hard when you see me live, and my track is great to moshpit to as well!”


The Buffalo Girls – the girl band


The Buffalo Girls featured on London Live TV’s recent reality documentary “Drag Queens of London.” They describe their style as  a nod to the 90s with a bit of sex appeal, “but really we all wear what we feel like at the time, crazy sexy cool is always a good reference point,” says Silver Summer, one of the trio.

Why are the ones to watch? They make original music and videos that are not about drag or parodies. They’re real pop songs. “We just happen to be in drag but it does not define us,” she say with a wink.

They’ve got plans to hit America with a gig in NYC on the cards for early 2015. So keep an eye out for them!


Anthony Gilét – the blogger

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Journalist, blogger and creator of the epic Cocktails & Cocktalk blog Anthony Gilét, says it how it is – something that just doesn’t happen often enough in the gay press, when promotor’s feelings and advertising money all too often comes above what’s really going on… However he says it how it is in such an hilarious way, he’s probably forgiven. By some, at least.

Check out the Great Wall Of Grindr or 10 People You Meet On The Gay Scene for some sparkling whit with a very London flavour.


Matt Skingsley – the artist

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Describing his style as “graphic novel meets realism” the characters that Matt Skingsly illustrates and the people that he draws end up becoming graphic novel style versions of them selves, with a hit of realism blended in.”

On America:  “New York City is my favourite place on Earth. The first time I went was with my family for a holiday, I was around 11. I remember actually wanting to ask my Dad to leave me there, I just love everything about it.

“The city, the people, the bars and streets. I’ve been there several times, each time being a totally different and unique experience. Being there and working there as an illustrator, in a studio apartment, would just be a massive tick off the dream list.”

Skingsly’s life as an artist is fairly new. “To be honest, I literally went from being a Visual Merchandiser, to travelling Asia, to coming home and taking up Freelance Illustration as a career and life style, all in a few months,” he says.

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So far he’s worked with publishing houses, directors, designers, authors, created storyboards, portraits, comic books and fashion illustration. “I’m a one man army and don’t see myself stopping.” Check him out online.


This Is Electric – the digital radio station


OK, so this isn’t a person, but more a shed-load of awesome. “London’s Dance Power Station” have live broadcasts and exclusive podcasts, all from the best of UK and European talent. It’s a great way to check out the sound of London’s nightlife, wherever you are in the world.

Look out for more Meanwhile in London… posts soon!