Measuring Penile Blood Flow Is Now Forbidden For Nations Accepting Gay Asylum Seekers

0When gay refugees seek asylum based on fear their lives are at danger due to antigay violence or persecution, they’re interviewed to assess the validity of their claim.

Until now, it hasn’t been unheard of for asylum seekers to be subjected to highly invasive, archaic tests, and more often than not, they’re asked inappropriate questions of a sexual nature.

But the EU’s top court has ruled that these refugees should not have to submit to undignified tests and questions.

The news comes after three men, including a Ugandan and one from a Muslim country, were denied asylum by a Dutch court after not sufficiently convincing officials they were actually gay.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that asylum seekers must be treated with respect to human dignity.

Czech authorities were harshly criticized in 2011 for using a “phallometric test” to evaluate legitimacy. The test measures blood flow to the penis when a subject is shown sexually charged stimuli. The practice dates back to communist times, and some argue against its validity.

Additionally, asylum seekers can no longer be asked probing questions about their sex lives. Authorities are allowed to ask questions about sexual orientation, but not sex acts themselves.

via BBC News

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