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Meat magazine’s Instagram page deactivated for being too gay, er, body positive

Without any warning, the account for Meat magazine, a pinup dedicated to promoting body positivity among gay men, was yanked down from Instagram this week.

Meat magazine, a.k.a. MeatZine, first launched in 2010 by Adrian Lourie, who said he wanted “to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man” by featuring guys of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

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Well, earlier this week, Instagram decided MeatZine’s page was a little too sexy and violated its policy on male nudity.

“The most recent banning of our account is confusing, given that we have been so careful to censor our posts,” Lourie tells The Gay UK.

Here are some screenshots of the images Instagram found so offensive:

Oh, oops!

Sorry, that last one isn’t a screenshot from MeatZine’s deleted Instagram page. That’s a live post from Kim Kardasian’s Instagram feed. Don’t know how that got there.

Lourie continues, “We’ve also noticed that there are other Instagram users posting nude male images of a similar style and content to Meat, or in some cases, showing more provocative images than we do.”

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“We cannot understand why Meat in particular seems to have been targeted.”

MeatZine had amassed 15,000 followers before being deleted. Now, it’s starting over from scratch.

Of course, this isn’t the first this Instagram has suspended certain accounts while overlooking others. Earlier this year, both the Warwick Rowers and the Greeks Come True had their pages deactivated after being deemed “too sexy.”

Scroll down for some highly reprehensible images from MeatZine’s newly revamped, highly sanitized Instagram page…