Meehan Accepts UMass Position, Ditching Congress

It’s official: Representative Marty Meehan‘s been offered UMass Lowell’s Chancellor position. Though his selection has yet to be approved by the trustees, it seems the “Don’t Ask” warriors packing his political bags and leaving the House for good.

Meehan’s gained some fame around these parts for his tireless battle against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: that Clinton era law barring openly gay soldiers from the military. Of his planned departure, Meehan says:

I’m honored to have been selected by President Jack Wilson to be the next Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell… I plan to accept the position and to leave Congress in July…

The decision to leave the House has been the most difficult professional decision of my life. It has been a true honor to represent the people of my district and of our state in the House of Representatives. Being a member of Congress has been the best job I have ever had.

We’re happy for Meehan, obviously, but we have to say we’re a little irritated, as well. Who else do faggot fighters have fighting for their right to fight while being faggots? Certainly not that rat, General Peter Pace.

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