Meet 20 Artists Creating Queer Art. Some Of It Is Quite Naughty

So there are all these photographers and painters and various artists out there creating photos and paintings and, uh, various artworks involving homoerotics. And filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover has put them all together in the documentary Gaze. And we’re sort of excited about it!

Normally when you ask us to sit through a feature length film devoted to “beauty,” we’d decline the invitation. We don’t need another sociology lesson. But with some 20 artists on board — including Rob Beyond and Adam Bouska, Bruce LaBruce, Austin Young, and Jules Julien — to tell Riddlehoover about the influences driving their works of queer art, we’re jumping on board.

Gaze will make the gay movie festival circuit next year, Riddlehoover tells us. See ya then.

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  • Jane

    This doesn’t feel very queer. This feels rather homonormative to me. Almost all of the bodies in the trailer were white, well built people, in interesting positions.

  • noah

    jane is right

  • Distingué Traces

    I agree as well. The trailer is very glossy-gay-magazine.

    “What is Beauty? Beauty can be anything at all…but in practice, it’s almost always a well-built white boy in his underwear!”

    On the other hand, we are reading the web equivalent of a glossy gay magazine. Maybe the trailer was cut just for our assumed tastes.

  • Aaron

    @Jane: If you want a documentary that isn’t “homonormative” that includes various non-white bodies, you could go out and make one instead of complaining about it.

  • M Shane

    Queer is queer is queer is homowhatever; just not neutral or heteronormative. I seems to be Jane who is making a distinction which is excentric. “Queer” has a pretty well accepted argot use in the english language.

  • Jane

    This is not complaining, but a critique and a quick critique at that. I never claimed responsibility in creating a documentary that was filled with “queer” bodies.

    As to what Shane wrote, I would argue that queer has no definition. And the day that queer begins to take on some sort of definition, is the day that queer is no longer queer in itself.

    I can make myself clear in saying that when I use the term queer, it does not mean gay or lesbian.

  • Jane

    Hi artwork is very interesting. However, if Cobrero did not put this film together himself, or even this trailer, it’s a bit problematic.

    He’s handing over his artistic creativity to someone else. This video, and the person’s worldview who shot it, seems to focus on really one thing.

    Sad, really.

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