PHOTOS: Meet Andreas Derleth, The Hunky New Mr. Gay World

Andreas Derleth, a stationary store manager representing New Zealand, took the crown of this year’s Mr. Gay World competition.

The porcelain Adonis—a German native who moved to NZ four years ago—swept the competition, taking first place in Mr. Gay Swimwear, Sports Challenge and Best Interview Challenge.

The pageant saw contestants from 22 nations competing in Johannesburg, South Africa over the past four days—the first time the event was held on the continent. The AP reports that several African participants received negative feedback from their families:

After Mr. Gay Ethiopia entered the Mr. Gay World contest, his father cut off all communications. Mr. Gay Zimbabwe withdrew, fearing the publicity was making life difficult for his mother.

But Mr. Gay Namibia’s family accompanied him to the airport for a warm send-off when he left for the competition, which culminated for him and 21 other men late Sunday in the finals at a Johannesburg casino.

“Bring the trophy home,” Namibia’s Wendelinus Hamutenya said his mother told him…

“I hope and I believe that Namibia will be the second country in Africa to recognize the rights” of gays, Hamutenya said in an interview.

Among his prizes Derleth will receive $6,200 cash and a $25,000 travel allowance to held spread the message of tolerance and diversity.

Click through for more photos of Mr. Gay World, Andreas Derleth.

Photos via Aaron Comez/MGW

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  • Torrie


  • dvlaries

    He’d make my ‘keep column’ just in gratitude that he’s not all inked up.

  • Bryan

    Errr, how did Mr.UK not win? He was by far the best looking from what I saw.

  • Joe B.

    I do kind of have a stationery fetish. Love me some marble composition books, pencil cases and loose leaf filler.

    This could work really well for me.

  • Fred

    This guy doesn’t look like anything special to me…

  • Ok, ok

    I love the random little blurb about gay black people not being embraced by their families, yet the rest of the gay community rarely embraces us either. Irony of ironies.

    I guess pretending to care is supposed to count as something.

  • Dave

    LOL another Ken doll clone and queen wins Mr. Gay World what a surprise.

  • Frank

    He looks like a real man…that’s enough for me…I’ll two slices of that sausage

  • homer

    WTF. This guy is not handsome. Just built.

  • nickname

    such a joke. at least pick someone with hair. and where are the black men in the photos? lack of representation, much?

  • matt

    @nickname: Do you not see the irony in complaining about a lack of a certain group of people while in the same sentence insulting another group of people?

  • iDavid

    Kind eyes, rugged, built and hot. A true meaty sweety. I like him as the winner.

  • Hyhybt

    I’ve only very rarely seen a store that *wasn’t* stationary.

  • Wholly Mary

    Some bitches are NEVER happy!

  • Cam

    He’s handsome but I do wish the weird body waxing thing would end.

  • yeah right

    This guy is not hot, a ‘real man’, or handsome, just another waxed and shaved Ken Doll clone.

  • kevin

    gee remember everyone !! it gets better !

    ha! right

  • nickname

    @matt: i’m really not prejudiced against bald men, i swear. i’m just pointing out what i think is wrong with this sort of pageant. what makes this person qualified to be an advocate over everyone else? that isn’t clear to me in the article and so it’s hard to take seriously.

  • hyhybt

    AT least he’s not a cannibal.

  • Wha'ever

    @nickname : According to another article (on French website Tetu), they ask the candidates about a various set of topics including gay rights so I guess it would make the winner qualified to be an advocate. Being hot is required obv, let’s not kid ourselves, but is not enough. To me, this guy is more believable as an advocate than the British guy people say was the best looking one.

  • shannon


  • nani

    He’s old

  • Danny

    He’s out, proud, has a partner, well-spoken, charming, in shape, and good-looking. We all know great looking guys who are complete douchebags and annoying self-important princesses when they open their mouths. So looks aren’t the only criteria for the competition. Thank goddess.

  • Andrew

    Meh, another Ken doll clone. Nothing new to see here. Then again the Mr. Gay contests are a total joke!

  • I get it too

    If the bunch of douchebags criticizing the looks of the (very hot) Mr. Derleth here are typical of the gay community Mr. Derleth has to advocate for, all I can say is good luck to him – he’ll need it.

  • ewwwwwww

    LOL I agree with Shannon this dude is nasty. He’s got no body hair at all! He’s a high maintenance queen and these pageants are total jokes.

  • J Stratford

    he’s handsome, alright. just not my type.

    he probably deserves to win – considering he nailed swimsuit, interview and sports.

  • Christopher

    I am assuming winning (and even entry into) the contest are independent of good looks…..

  • Dan H

    I suppose this is about beauty being in the eye of the beholder so I suppose all the nasty comments about how ugly this guy is are justified. Still the commentary on this article seems largely just mean. This includes not only remarks about Mr. Derleth’s looks but inferences into his personality that are prety ugly.

    Come on, maybe you don’t agree with the judging but that is hardly Mr. Derleth’s fault. Lay off the hate.

    A more constructive conversation would be about problems with beauty contests that enshrine a certain aesthetic ideal or maybe how the judging or rules should be changed. Also what is the purpose of these kinds of contests?

    My own feeling is that if Mr. Derleth avoids the bitchiness of half the comments to this article, he will be showing a lot of class and that’s a good thing.

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