Meet Barack + Michelle’s Token Gay Guest for the State of the Union

It’s Trevor Yager. He’s a Indianapolis advertising exec. He owns his own company. And he was suggested to the White House by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. But jeez, the way he’s crossing his arms in this photo makes it appear like he’s unappreciative. Like all those homosexuals Barack has done so much for!

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  • kevin

    Praise the Lord!
    Maybe he’ll get to sit between Tim Tebow and Rick Warren in the gallery.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    So unfair to suggest it’s tokenism. He wasn’t picked for being a great gay, but a great small businessman.

  • Dave

    @Matthew Rettenmund: Did you read the post? He was suggested by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce — they were looking for a gay token.

    He is, no doubt, a great small businessman. There is an enormous pool of great small businesspeople in this country. They picked him because he was gay.

  • Brian NJ

    I wonder if Obama is keeping a Stepford wife robot factor in the White House sub-basement. Did you see the glowing praise from Joe Solmonese, and the love bubble coming out of Tony Kushner’s ears in recent remarks.

    If any gay goes to the White House, stay on the floor with the State Dining Room.

  • alan brickman

    It’s tokenisn..face the facts…..

  • Victor

    You sure he’s his token gay and not his token vampire. Jesus, get some sun, will you?

  • Sam

    Wow, a wealthy white gay dude is going to go watch the President give a speech to all the wealthy white straight dudes in Congress. What amazing diversity! It’s overwhelming!

    Don’t Barack and Michelle have some Hyde Park/South Side black lesbian friends they could bring to this shin dig?

  • carlg

    I am amazed by the ignorance that I have read in the comments above. Trevor is an successful and accomplished businessman. He is also an amazing human being. You can say whatever you want about “tokenism”, but unfortunately due to the oppression and discrimination that are a part of our nation’s legacy there are some systems that have been put in place to slowly change those wrongs. I am personally a man of African-American descent who at times is offended by the “Rooney Rule” in the NFL. For those that don’t know it basically requires NFL franchises to interview at least one minority candidate before hiring their head coach. Recently, in Seattle an African-American candidate named Leslie Frazier was interviewed even though it was reported that they were already set to hire Pete Carroll. That interview made a mockery of the rule and process. However, one decade ago there was one minority head coach in the NFL. There are now five African- American coaches and within this decade two of them have won Super Bowls and another one might win one this season. The systems that are created to promote inclusion and equality often can be offensive, but to me the alternative is unthinkable. Yes, Trevor is gay and they found him through the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Kudos to them for looking there- kudos to Trevor for his membership and for the way he proudly represents all gays, successful small businessman, and all Americans.

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