Meet Big Brother 14′s Self-Professed “Token Gay,” Wil Heuser

Like us, Wil Heuser didn’t realize CBS’ Big Brother was still on the air. But when he found out it was, he auditioned and landed a spot on the new season, which debuts July 12.Although Heuser admits he’ll likely be the “token gay in the house” this season (ya think?) he says he’s not just a walking stereotype: “I’m a triathlete… at the end of the day I like a beer and a shot.”

Okay, but what about that hair? Oy.

In an interview with Zap2It, Heuser said he’s going to try to play fairly, but with $500,000 on the line, “as soon as I know as I have a chance of getting to that Top 2 seat, I’m just gonna f*ck ’em all up. I’m just gonna go for it!”

The follicly blessed one  says he’s even open to a showmance: “Hell yeah. I’m open to fakin’ a showmance too —just not with a girl.”

Oh we hear ya, Wil. Some things are just aren’t worth the money.

Big Brother 14 premieres Thursday, July 12 at 9 pm ET on CBS