Weekend Binge

Meet a bigfoot-hunting gay couple, and step into a captivating murder mystery


Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The Sneaky: Sasquatch

We stumbled on this new Hulu series last weekend, and in short, we were not prepared. Contrary to what the title may imply, Sasquatch is not about the legend of Bigfoot…at least, not exactly.

The three-part documentary series focuses on investigative journalist David Holthouse, a man known for his coverage of sex crimes. In the 1990s, while researching another story in Northern California, he encountered a story told by two frantic men: Bigfoot had killed again. This time, the legendary beast had torn three Mexican migrants to literal pieces, destroying their camp in a mess of muddy, bloody, carnage. The series picks up in the present day, as Holthouse returns to the area to investigate the story. There, he encounters various legends about the mythical Sasquatch, its connection to a string of murders…and a community of post-hippie survivalist marijuana farmers.

The first episode of the series deals extensively with the Bigfoot legend, and could easily be mistaken for some Ancient Aliens-type pseudoscientific claptrap. That includes interviews with Bigfoot hunters, including a nutty gay couple devoted to documenting the beast. Don’t be fooled: director Joshua Rofé lays down the markers for a much more complicated, much more frightening story about organized crime, the War on Drugs, racism, paranoid former hippies and a forest where dozens of people disappear without a trace. The remaining two episodes plunge Rofé and Holthouse into the thick of it all, where the legal and illegal drug trades clash, and where the majesty of the redwood forest conceals dark creatures indeed.

We admit that the queer links here aren’t the strongest, though watching a middle-aged, bickering, Bigfoot-hunting gay couple is pretty fun. Beyond that, Sasquatch offers a heart-pounding mystery into a world where hate and fear drive violence, and where crimes against a certain class of people go ignored (sound familiar?). So, does Holthouse discover the real Sasquatch? Is the creature responsible for murder? Does the answer to both of those questions have to be yes? Watch and follow the trail yourselves. Once you wander into these woods, you won’t wander out. Sasquatch is sneaky, creepy, and captivating as Hell.

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