Meet Britain’s ‘Pregnant Man’: Trans Scott Moore Will Give Birth to a Baby Boy Next Month

It’s too bad Thomas Beatie beat ’em to the punch, otherwise British “pregnant man” (do we hate that term yet?) couple Thomas and Scott Moore would be appearing on Oprah and working on a book deal and a reality show.

Scott, who is a British trans man, is set to give birth next month, relays the Daily Mail. And religious conservatives don’t even need to freak out — thanks to his birth certificate still listing him as a woman, Scott is legally married to Thomas. “Heterosexual” marriage is good for raising a family! It’s a boy, and his name will be Miles. Meanwhile, Thomas has two tweenage sons from a previous relationship with a woman,

So why is Scott carrying the baby, and not Thomas? Because the latter — who met his future partner at a trans therapy group — had a hysterectomy and gender reassignment surgery last year.

But Scott better keep cranking them out if he wants to keep up with the Beaties: Thomas already gave birth to two.