Ho ho holy moley

Meet Brock O’Hurn, an extremely naughty Santa

Familiar with actor/model Brock O’Hurn? It’s time you got acquainted.

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The 6’7″ performer is (once again) playing a handsome iteration of Santa in a new Glacial Water ad:

TMZ has some exclusive photos from the shoot if that tickles your fancy.

He also has over three million Instagram followers, and rightly so:

It takes Blood, Sweat and Tears!! Mostly Sweat.. not so much blood.. maybe a few tears haha

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Late night workouts.. Somebodies gotta do em.. Time to step the training up anotha notch ???

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I am thankful to have the opportunity to not only work with such an incredible organization but also one that I believe in and support. Check them out NO H8 Campaign

Posted by Brock O'Hurn on Thursday, March 31, 2016