Meet 'Drag Queens of London' Star Silver Summers

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The new British drag docu-series ‘Drag Queens of London’ features some of London’s most well-known drag queens. In part eight of our exclusive Q&A series with the queens of the show, we get to know Silver Summers a little better as she spills the tee about herself and the show.

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Meet Silver Summers – ‘Drag Queens of London’

About ‘Silver Summers’:

Drag name: Silver Summers

Hometown: Glasgow

Current Location: London

Birthday: 15 April 1979

Zodiac Sign: Aries



Silver Summers Drag Queens of London 04Dragaholic: Why did you decide to use the name “Silver Summers”?

Silver Summers: It’s from 2 strong female TV characters. Silver from 90210 and Buffy Summers!!!

D: How many years have you been doing drag?

SS: It’s been about 2 years now.

D: Who inspired you to do drag?

SS: I did it by accident when I was an events manager. I got dressed up at a cross dressing charity event and turned heads…and stomachs lol.

D: How competitive are you?

SS: Fiercely! I hate to loose!

D: What are you strongest at in drag: makeup, hair, costume, performance or all of the above?

SS: I would say performance. I like to take on the persona of a chanteuse. I love the idea that drag is an art form in many shapes and sizes. There are so many comedy queens but not so many BIG vocalists who try to sing in the original key as the female singer. That’s where I believe my strength lies.

D: What is your personality like out of drag?

SS: Quite similar, but people tell me I am more boyish than camp…which is a good thing I guess! I am less flamboyant.

D: How long does it take you to get in drag… from start to finish?

SS: I like to give myself 2 hours but if I really need to I can do it in 1 hour. But it’s better to take time and perfect it cos no one wants to see a wonky eyelash honey!

D: Which celebrity/entertainer inspires you?

SS: I have always been obsessed with Mariah Carey since I was a kid. She is a true DIVA and embodies everything a star should be. Big hair, campy attitude and ridiculous demands! Why? Because she has the talent to back it up! The best singer EVER and a fabulous songwriter and person. LAMBILY!

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D: What special talents do you have? (i.e. backflips, splits, firebreathing, etc.)

SS: My talent starts and ends with my voice. It’s my big guns and I have to look after my instrument! Partying on the drag/gay scene has a lot to answer for (but is also one of my talents)

D: Who is your favorite queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race?

SS: I think overall having seen many of them perform and from the show I would choose Raja! She has everything! But I love Manila, Raven, Sharon and Shangela! This year the final 3 are FABULOUS and I cannot wait to support Winner Bianca in AXM Glasgow this summer!

Silver Summers Drag Queens of London 05D: If you had to choose three adjectives to describe your drag persona, what would they be?

SS: Camp, coquettish, vocalist

D: Do you design and produce your own outfits and costumes?

SS: I don’t have the patience! I wish I did because I am very creative. I am good at getting a look together but I am not a sewing queen. I have however had amazing dresses made for me by Stitchin Business and Charli Anne designs so I am a lucky gal!

D: What can people expect to see from you on the ‘Drag Queens of London’?

SS: Well I am a very honest and down to earth person in and out of drag. I am serious about my craft and I want everyone to know that. However like everyone I make mistakes too and am only human…so if someone offers me a fabulous night out the day before a big gig….grrrrr I need more self control!

D: Which queen did you enjoy working with the most on the ‘Drag Queens of London’?

SS: Well I always love working with my Buffalo girl sisters Lloyd and Baga cos its chaos!

Obviously me and Vanity are best mates and I loved when we went to Glasgow together to see my family! That was a real “moment.”

Also this show has made my friendship with my fellow Fabulettes grow more than any of us expected! I used to hate that Vicki JOKE! Watch out for Gay ski week! LOL

D: Thank you so much for your time today. Is there anything you’d like to add before we go?

SS: You can catch all my performance dates etc on and I am on tour with the Supreme Fabulettes so check them out at and don’t forget my Buffalo betch’s on Facebook and Twitter, @getbuffalogirls!

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Drag Queens of London - London Live

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