Meet 'Drag Queens of London' Star The Very Miss Dusty O

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The new British drag docu-series ‘Drag Queens of London’ features some of London’s most well-known drag queens. In part seven of our exclusive Q&A series with the queens of the show, we get to know The Very Miss Dusty O a little better as she spills the tee about herself and the show.

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Meet The Very Miss Dusty O – ‘Drag Queens of London’

About ‘The Very Miss Dusty O’:

Drag name: The Very Miss Dusty O

Hometown: Walsall

Current Location: London

Birthday: 6 July 1966

Zodiac Sign: Cancer



Drag Queens of London The Very Miss Dusty O Adam DaSilva
Image Credit: Adam DaSilva

Dragaholic: Why did you decide to use the name “The Very Miss Dusty O”?

The Very Miss Duty O: My drag name was given to me by bullies at school as I loved Dusty Springfield. At the time they were all in to Duran Duran but I loved 60’s music and they started calling it me because of that. The “O” was added later by myself. I have never really liked it much but it stuck.

D: How many years have you been doing drag?

TVMDO: I have been wearing make up and looking androgynous since I was 15, but full on drag began in the very early 90’s at the kinky gerlinky club nights.

D: Who inspired you to do drag?

TVMDO: I grew up in the 80’s so fashion and music was a lot more mixed up then. I have been friends with Boy George for 25 years and he had a lot to do with encouraging me to do what I wanted visually.

D: How competitive are you?

TVMDO: I am not competitive at all. I believe in doing what you want and not letting other people’s opinions or what they are doing interfere in it. The only person I am competitive with is myself as I try and better myself.

D: What are you strongest at in drag: makeup, hair, costume, performance or all of the above?

TVMDO: I think my make up is pretty good. I am high maintenance and it takes a lot of time but I am happy with the result.

D: What is your personality like out of drag?

TVMDO: Pretty similar. I do not pretend to be anything I am not.

D: How long does it take you to get in drag… from start to finish?

TVMDO: Minimum 3 hours to do it to the standard I like.

D: Which celebrity/entertainer inspires you?

TVMDO: Most of them are dead. I love Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and British comedians like Tommy cooper and Les Dawson.

Drag Queens of London The Very Miss Dusty O 02

D: Who is your favorite queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race?

TVMDO: I don’t watch it. It does not feature in my life really. I have enough inspiration and entertainment from my British compatriots.

D: If you had to choose three adjectives to describe your drag persona, what would they be?

TVMDO: Slick, polished, approachable

D: Do you design and produce your own outfits and costumes?

TVMDO: Most of my outfits are Westwood or vintage.

D: What can people expect to see from you on the ‘Drag Queens of London’?

TVMDO: Reality. I did not fake a thing, either opinion or personality.

D: Which queen did you enjoy working with the most on the ‘Drag Queens of London’?

TVMDO: Lady Lloyd and I have a long friendship so it has to be her. She is the best thing about the whole programme and I adore her. Also Munroe, as I admire her calm and sensible attitude to her situation.

D: Thank you so much for your time today. Is there anything you’d like to add before we go?

TVMDO: Trannyshack is every Wednesday at Madame JoJo’s (in Soho, London). I have run it for 10 fabulous years and it is stronger now than ever. I am hugely proud of my baby.

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Drag Queens of London - London Live

The first episode of ‘Drag Queens of London’ debuted on Tuesday, April 22 on London Live! (Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159 and YouView 8).

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