Ain't Love Grand?

Meet the gay penguins celebrating pride in the London Zoo

It seems everyone has gotten into the spirit of Pride Month…including the gay penguins living in the London Zoo.

Several pairs of gay penguins call the London Zoo home, and this month have enjoyed a habitat decked out with signs that read “Some penguins are gay. Get over it.”

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Homosexuality and bisexuality appear throughout the animal kingdom in countless species. Penguins, however, mate for life, making their relationships a bit more defining. In the case of the London Zoo, curators have identified at least three gay pairings within their habitat: Nadja & Zimmer, Dev & Martin and Ronnie & Reggie. Ronnie & Reggie became something of a celebrity couple after the two adopted an abandoned egg and raised the hatchling chick together.

Stateside, a gay penguin couple have become similar celebrities. Rory & Silo live in New York’s Central Park Zoo and became the subject of the children’s book And Tango Makes Three after they adopted an abandoned egg and raised their daughter Tango together. The subsequent book earned both praise and ire for its depiction of homosexuality.