Meet the gay teen couple making TV history

The face of Spanish-language soaps has changed courtesy of Juntos el Corazón Nunca se Equivoca, the new Mexican telenovela–the first ever to focus on a gay couple

Juntos el Corazón Nunca se Equivoca (translated as “Together the Heart is Never Wrong”) follows the love affair between Aris (played by Emilio Osorio) and Temo (played by Joaquín Bondoni), two 16 year old boys in love. Their affair began on the popular soap Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia, which became the most watched show in Mexico.

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The new series finds Temo and Aris journeying to Mexico City to attend university, and going through all the expected perils of young queer love.

Juntos el Corazón Nunca se Equivoca doesn’t air in the United States just yet, but has a habit of finding its way to the internet for anyone interested in learning more about “Aristemo,” as fans refer to the couple.

Oh, and for anyone wanting the basic rundown on their relationship thus far, a devoted fan has put together a recap video of all the soapy twists that led them to this point.