Meet Hillary Thompson, The World’s First Transsexual Skateboarder

Chris Nieratko from King Shit magazine tracked down transsexual skater Hillary Thompson to talk about transitioning, bisexuality, and the challenges of female skateboarding. Some of Nieratko’s presumptions make us cringe—like when he asks Thompson about her genitalia and repeatedly mentions the word “tranny” in his print interview. But it’s at least refreshing to hear about queer diversity the skate world. Hopefully Thompson’s interview will get other skate fans thinking about trans-athletes and trans-issues in a progressive and more accepting way.

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  • fuzzy

    Well, it’s a start, I guess. The sidebars in the printed interview were pretty bad, but she rags the guy over his goofy mustache in the end, so at least she gets a few hits in there. Definitely ould have been a more tactful interview, but I gather this guy isn’t known for his tact.

    Nice to meet you, Hillary!

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    OMG ! How refreshing is it that one they got the terms right calling her a Transsexual and two that she’s following the SOC. She talks about the process to getting hormones that theres what ? LOTS OF THERAPY that’s right something the transgender knows nothing about therapy this isn’t a do it yourself home project were not putting together a entertainment center. I was surprised that she doesn’t plan to have GRS at this point I think that will change as she has to go into the real world of responsibility and find work. she’ll realize how important it is to have documentation that matches your gender appearance

  • missanthrope

    Christ Brandi give it rest, no1curr about you personal definition or of being
    transsexual or manner of transitioning.

  • Mark

    Go Hillary Thompson! She rips on a skateboard. Keep it up and know there are other gay skaters out there!

  • Conrad

    Hillary Thompson handled that interview with such grace. Good for her! Our transgender brothers/sisters/siblings are coming out everywhere! I’m excited!

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @missanthrope: @missanthrope:

    Why do you continue to get it wrong ? I don’t known why you continue to refer to it as “MY” way of transitioning it isn’t my way I didn’t come up with it. It’s WAPATH way and it’s the way that transition was intended for those who truly have gender Identity dysphoria laid out for them is steps to follow called the SOC in order to correct their medical condition and so they could fit back into society. It’s the rouge transgender activist who have latched onto and twisted the terms and process to fit their own sick desires. I just happen to Agree and advocate that the WAPATH way is best, so your not at odds with me so much as you are the system and most likely that’s because you can’t or haven’t been able to get a gid diagnosis and it has made you bitter towards the system. Studies have show that those who follow the SOC have far better results then those who undertake a do-it-yourself transition without the supervision and care of a therapist and doctors. Transitioning from one gender to the other is not something anyone should try on their own, it’s a long and emotional draining process that requires lots of time, effort, determination and money.

  • missanthrope


    TL;DR Yes Brandi I know all about the SoC and whatever else you’re blabbering on about, just realize your experience isn’t the same as others and stop being judgy.

    “I just happen to Agree and advocate that the WAPATH way is best, so your not at odds with me so much as you are the system and most likely that’s because you can’t or haven’t been able to get a gid diagnosis and it has made you bitter towards the system. Studies have show that those who follow the SOC have far better results then those who undertake a do-it-yourself transition without the supervision and care of a therapist and doctors”

    I’ve seen therapists for depression but not for an GID diagnoses and my transition has gone fine. Some people need the help of therapists to transition, and I think it great that they get help from an appropriate and accepting. I don’t need to pay a doctor or therapist to tell me what I already know and quite frankly I seen more ignorant therapists damage trans people or delay their transitions than good ones that actually help. You may disagree with that or how I’ve managed my own transition, but you’re not me and I never asked for, nor do I need, your approval.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @missanthrope: You are quite right you don’t need my approval ,but you do need the approval/acceptance of society if you ever hope to have your Identity accepted and a professional diagnosis is the difference between having “Proof” you really having a medical condition and just being some wannabe who no one takes seriously or believes.

  • claire

    That interviewer is a bit of a creeper

  • Cj M

    Damn Brandi, get laid. You’re so damn MAD all the time. In the end, nobody in “society” cares how much “proof” you have; you’re just a confused queer to them. It doesn’t matter how much “corrective surgery” you have; you’re just a d*ckless freak to them. So go the hell ahead and get over thinking you’re anything more than a joke to society at best, and a target for violence/death at worst.

    Stop trying to define yourself by “society’s rules” and be true to who you are and who you need/want to be. Society doesn’t really want you, no matter how much you want to be a part of them. To most straight people, even the accepting, open ones, your gender makes them uncomfortable. Deal in reality, girl. Nobody cares how many letters from doctors you get, how many laser hair removals, how many YEARS spent living an authentic true life as the woman you know yourself to be… You’re still a man. In a dress. That’s all people will see, and it’s because they work within a black-and-white gender paradigm that your hyper-exclusive definition of transsexualism reifies — to the detriment of anyone who doesn’t fit into the black-and-white. Including you.

    In short: F*ck your definitions of normality and gender specificity JUST as much as Pat Buchanon’s and Fred Phelps’.

    All anyone can ever do is live their experience, whatever that is. Everyone has to deal with their own operational definitions within the construct of their own identity. You’d probably get a lot more out of YOUR experience if you’d stop worrying so damn much about everyone else’s

    Peace, girl. You need it.

  • David

    Cool Video, she’s hot too. Reminds me of my mate AJ who stole a kid’s skateboard on Southbank and did some fly tricks, while wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress.

  • Rachael

    SHE SHOULD BE WEARING A HELMET!!!!! cool interview tho :)

  • bob curren

    d*mn queers i swear, F*cking skateboarding, no one wants you in that culture, we dont want some wacked out queer guy who thinks hes a girl, F*cking gay people need to just go away!!!!

  • Raur Lanthier


    I fully support her desire to not touch her original genitalia as i dont plan to work on it myself. Every trans have a different approach for their transition. For some trans, its a very important thing to go through the GRS that cant wait for some its something they think about, and for others it cant be something that dosent bother them as much as the general acceptance that they get from people.
    As far as jobs and real world and responsabilities, i can assure you i can do all the thing i want, you just need to make people understand that gender is not genitalia, plus why would they know whats in your panties if their not in your bed! lol
    Im a MtF that have a stable work despite people knowing about my transition, i got friends, i even got some girlfriends that were AWARE of me being in between the 2 at the moment.
    Real world check: passed.
    GRS dosent bring you everything, the way you live your life and how confident you are confident about it is what count.

  • Raur Lanthier

    Where in the interview does it say shes gay?
    And what is gay for you? MtF/Guy or MtF/Girl?
    The sexual orientation and gender identity are 2 separate thing also.
    What she said to the question of her sexual orientation: somewhat attract to both.
    We need to clash that idea that MtF tran that are Hetero(with a bio guy or MtF) are gay…
    Theres lots of difference and variety in the world. Just let down the stereotype and live outside the box, there lots of space to explore.

  • not homo

    homos, -_-

  • Colette

    Great skate… weird reading the comments erupt into goofy trans drama. No one else cares girls… even if you are just trying to get a job. If you are all uptight, suspicious and defensive, it doesn’t matter who or what you are, people won’t hire that person. I have a graduate level education in H.R…. an affable, well presented balanced person, with a solid employment history and qualifications despite glitches in their I.D. should find suitable employment… heck with that let’s all just skate.

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