Meet Iowa’s 2 Elected Pricks Who Don’t Want Gay Kids Protected at School

Because children are ripe for political maneuvering, a pair of Iowa lawmakers figured queer youth didn’t need any legal protections from bullying in schools, which explains why they’re trying to remove sexual orientation and gender identity from the state’s Safe Schools Law — all as a means to chip away at the Iowa Supreme Court’s gay marriage approval.

Rep. Jason Schultz’s theory? The law “doesn’t protect anyone anyway,” so “to remove few words doesn’t change the intent or effect of the law.” Along with Rep. Matt Windschitl (pictured, right), the two Republican lawmakers are working to amend the 2007 law. But if Iowa’s dominating Democrats can shut down a vote to amend the constitution that would ban gay marriage, certainly they can kill this bill too.

But it still has trans vlogger Zinnia Jones appropriately wondering, “Why Do Jason Schultz and Matt Windschitl Hate LGBT Students?”