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Meet Jeff DeLancy, Dustin Lance Black’s Shady Sex Partner


As soon as screenshots from Dustin Lance Black’s sex tape hit the web, the race was on to identify his as-yet-anonymous sex buddy. Tips poured into Queerty following our post, and we learned the gent’s name is Jeff DeLancy, described in some circles as a student at Arizona State University who now (or previously?) frequents the Los Angeles scene. He also appears to have been involved in the Save The Boom effort, which attempted to rescue the Boom Boom Room nightspot in Laguna Beach from closure. In his first (and thus far, only) statement about the photos, Black says the two were dating at the time.

Elsewhere, Gay Porn Blog (link NSFW) ID’d Jeff by his first name — or rather, his web name: “Cameron” of Comments left around the web, meanwhile, are disparaging the guy, claiming: DeLancy sells webcam sessions of himself; he’s known for his affinity for older sugar daddies; he traffics in, uh, microbes.


None of which is entirely shocking these days, least of all to a gay blog.

But the information about his condom-less sex partner doesn’t bode well for Black, who’s being trashed on Internet forums (including our own comment threads) as someone who’s sending a hypocritical message to the young people he mentors: Be responsible, even if I’m not.

Still unresolved, meanwhile, is who leaked the tape of Black and DeLancy, but common wisdom makes its own suggestion.

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  • alan brickman

    Dustin complains about the lack of diverstity in the gay community ..and yet he only seems to sleep with blonde ken dolls…hypocritical???

  • edgyguy1426

    @fifi: You mean loser? What college you went anyway?

  • Marius

    The trafficing in microbes comment seems kind of unnecessary.

    The pictures of he and Dustin Lance Black are almost 3 years old. Perhaps he had yet to start his new endeavors at that point.

    He is civic-minded as shown by his efforts to save the Boom Boom Room, has an entrepreneurial nature and he does belong to a fraternity, so all is not bad.

  • redball81

    “he traffics in, uh, microbes.”

    Can someone please tell me what this means? All I can think of is gift-giving (i.e., knowingly transmitting HIV to sexual partners) but i doubt this is what is meant here!

  • Cam

    @alan brickman: You said “Dustin complains about the lack of diverstity in the gay community ..and yet he only seems to sleep with blonde ken dolls…hypocritical???”

    He was complaining about the lack of diversity in the gay community….not the lack of diversity in who he fucked. You are playing the worst type of identity politics. ARe you saying that he should go out and say “I’m only going to sleep with Latino guys this week, because I’ve never slept with one of them.” That is just horrible.

    As for him being a rolemodel. Hey, if he was dating the guy and they were in a relationship, I see no problem with what he was doing. If the guy was an asshole I feel sorry for Dustin, but if you crucified every gay guy who dated and thought he was in love with a jerk there wouldn’t be many of us left.

  • Nickadoo

    Give Black a break. So he’s made some stupid decisions in his life? It happens. His first mistake was trusting this shady asshole.

    We all do our best to learn from our mistakes and move on, or hopefully we should.

    Pedro Zamora did a lot of great work in educating young people about HIV prevention. I don’t think his words were diminished by the fact that he was HIV+ and had engaged in risky behavior in the past.Why hold Black to a higher standard?

  • ChristopherM


    Amen! Y’all are some self-righteous bitches. It isn’t like he was trafficking in bareback porn. He trusted the wrong guy a few years ago. Oh to be as pure as some of you must be.

  • Mark.of.Antares

    I’m with Nick here. Three years ago I was condemning myself for being gay. Now I have a boyfriend and we live happily in the ‘burbs.

    I think DLB is great. I love what he’s doing for the community.

    I don’t care where he’s been. I care about where he is now.

  • Ken

    Personally I feel sorry for the guy. And frankly, no matter how intriguing it may be, it is wrong for Queerty or any other site to spread these photos.

  • James P. P.

    is this even an issue? Black can do whatever the fuck he wants because he’s an adult and adults can FUCK HOWEVER THEY PLEASE.

    he didn’t put himself as a role model. he didn’t climb up on stage like ted haggard and say “look at me, i’m a shining example of what god wants!” no… EVERYONE ELSE DID. the guy is just a human, nothing more – and for that he’s getting the worst treatment from his own community.

    how fucking hypocritical of us to condemn ANYONE for being themselves, especially if the couple was dating. i know plenty of couples who toss out the condoms after knowing each other a while (and getting tested) – and not morally ambiguous shady couples either.

    this guy is quite a creep it seems. but bitching about Black is shameful. we ALL lie about sex. every single person has lied about sex at one time or another. how would we like THAT plastered all over the internet? my guess is that those that are screaming anti-bareback proclamations to the gay community the loudest are the ones that are most ashamed of the bareback sex they themselves have had or are having.

    no, i’m not promoting bareback sex in any way. wrap it every time. but i’m not going to bitch because OTHER people behave differently in different circumstances – and the fact that the gay community has even made this an issue is shameful. then you wonder why Obama doesn’t put us first on his list.


  • prissysissy

    Come on gals! We are homos! We believe in sleeping around, being vain and superficial, worshiping the body and not the mind, preferring pale blonds and, increasingly, loving the feel of random sex “without constraints”.
    Who are we to criticize what one prominent gay does? He is only living up to the stereotype!

  • marc

    this site, and these comments, are so, so, so vile.

    who hasn’t had unprotected sex at least once? very few people.

    the only person who should be trashed here is that parasitic trick, Jeff DeLancy, who thought nothing of ruining somebody else’s life for his own quick benefit.

    i can’t imagine JD will ever find someone to date or sleep with him, again, except for porn stars and other f-ups with self-esteem so low, nothing matters to them. which, sadly, is probably just fine with him.

    DLB is a good person and doesn’t deserve this kind of vitriol from a bunch of self-righteous, judgemental strangers on the internet.

    obviously, sleeping with this guy and letting himself be photographed was a mistake, but reprinting these photos over and over again is plainly immoral, prurient, sensational, and cruel.

  • Bitch, please!

    This DeNANCY is a two bit whore who collected his shiny nickel as soon as he got the chance. What a low-life! I think Black was duped. I think we all have been there, especially when it came from someone who we thought was in love with us. I think gays are especially vulnerable to that because we get so little love from society and, in many cases, even from family.

  • Matt

    @Bitch, please!: DLB was not duped. PERIOD. Look at the people he hangs out with and where he hangs out. DLB is in to bareback. He’s practices bareback. He knew what this guy was like. He knew what the guy did for a living. He knew the risks.

    Jesus. people. Stop with the DLB worship and thinking he can do no wrong. He’s just like the rest of us.

  • Jack

    @prissysissy: You are a turd.

  • ggreen

    WOW could every on mind their OWN business for a change?

  • Andramata

    @Matt: He is like the rest of us So why ridicule him for having unsafe sex with his at the time partner? I had a lover for 5 years and after the 1st year we did not use a condom. We didn’t fuck around so had no issue with not wearing a condom. If he trusted someone that said they are clean and you are in the heat of the moment and had a drink or whatever ever else you do you too would be having unsafe sex with someone you trust of have lust for. They were in a relationship. well so DLB thought at the time he trusted him and thought it was hot. we all have been there! So why are we judging him regardless of what he practices. He has done well for the community regardless who what type of sexual endeavor he so please to do. We are being just as bad as the straight people. They love you until they find out you are gay. Everyone has a comment but because he did something THREE YEARS AGO!! Now in the present he is a bad person. Again stop thinking like you are better and like the straight people think you are lower you are nasty you are not worthy anymore. Rather look at what he done and the movie he was able to make. The reason we have gay blogs in the first place. it Started with Stone Wall and Harvey Milk and the many others that fought for us to be were we are today. Stop the nonsense and say ok he got fucked without a condom dumb move but to tell his story based off of pics is not right. But we fags like to bring people down so we can feel better about ourselves this will pass, he will make a new movie, you will love it, and he will get paid. then he will pay all of this dust!

  • Chiot Moite

    Lance has become quite the douche bag over the last few years. I’ve known him ever since he first stepped foot in the gay scene. We were friends for years and struck me as a kind, friendly, big hearted person back then.

    And then he met Bryan Singer and his ilk. Lance, being cute, was immediately brought into this circle and his ambitions began to cancel out all those aforementioned good traits. Next thing you know he’s snubbing people who might make him look bad. Walking away from conversations he doesn’t want to be seen having.

    From friendly to douche in less than a years time… and that was five years ago. I can only imagine the level of douche bag jerkiness he’s achieved since actually becoming accomplished. Actually, I don’t have to imagine, I get updates all the time from mutual friends.

    I hope Lance learned his lesson here about being a jerk to people who have the goods on you.

  • Tommy

    Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.

    John F. Kennedy was a drug addict.

    Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.

    Dustin Lance Black engaged in unprotected sex.

    Plenty of great men who do great things are also guilty of doing things contrary to their publicly perceived character. That does not qualify them for our disdain. It qualifies them for our compassion in recognizing that they are human beings, just like us.

    In Black’s defense, how many of us have an informal “rule” in place when in relationships where we ditch the rubber? The holier-than-thous will dispute me on this, but I will say that the great majority of us do. We don’t know the relationship of these two at the time, but if DLB was comfortable getting filmed with this guy, one thinks that he might be okay with going other places, too… and that might tie directly into where DLB thought the relationship was and where it was going.

    I think DLB’s work in safer sex education should not affected by these photos. Safer sex is not just condom use, but the limiting of your partners, among other measures.

    You can be a safe-sex advocate and practitioner and still be a whore. Opposite, you can be a moral and virtuous person and engage in the riskiest sexual behavior possible.

    As for Jeff DeLancy, I’m glad he put these photos out. Now that his name is out, he’ll only be known as “that guy who can’t be trusted.” Forget whatever rep he may or may not have had. This one will stick. And he’ll regret it.

  • Chiot Moite

    Tommy: sycophant much?

  • Giovanni

    I gotta tell you, Queerty, this line of attack against DLB is pretty crappy of you. You have no idea what was going on between Black and Delancy other than the fact that they were fucking in a way that you find unacceptable. Well um.. who the fuck are you? Or any of us for that matter to past judgement on Black’s sex life? Black doesn’t owe anyone an apology (or an explanation!) because he has done nothing wrong – unsafe yes – and that is a choice that he has to live with but hey IT’S HIS LIFE! He is a writer not a savior and you’re a gay news site not the sex police.

  • prissysissy

    @Tommy #20: You are comparing Dustin Lance Black to Thomas Jefferson and JFK? Wow. Wow. Wow.

  • Chiot Moite

    @Giovanni: this is a gay news site and this is gay news. Don’t want snark? Don’t read a blog for your news.

  • Matt

    @Chiot Moite

    This is gay gossip, not gay news.

  • jjm16

    um, my brother’s in junior high. he hears speeches about safe sex. he doesn’t read blogs, much less visit tmz. unlike moi, he doesn’t much care who dustin black is.

    i’m intelligent. i read blogs/articles about Black-thus, i know wtf he is-and know tons about safe sex. I have safe sex… b/c…

    even if he or any other guy happens upon the photo, i doubt lance-the-messiah’s (who’s messiah?) inspiring, bare cock will pop into his head when he gets it on-trumping all other inclinations.

  • Dubwise

    @ggreen: What you said!

  • faghag


  • Matt

    @Tommy: “As for Jeff DeLancy, I’m glad he put these photos out. Now that his name is out, he’ll only be known as “that guy who can’t be trusted.” Forget whatever rep he may or may not have had. This one will stick. And he’ll regret it.”

    Are you fucking kidding? What world do you live in? Jeff is gonna get so much ass off of this. Not to mention all the people that don’t give a shit about DLB or rights. He’s set.

  • Joey


    Don’t compare Pedro Zamora to Dustin Bareback!! Pedro was a poor immigrant that didn’t speak the language who moved to the U.S. at age 13 in the early 80s when not much was known about AIDS. Being a 13 year old he didn’t have access to the info about preventing AIDS. DLB is a 35 year old, college educated man who has grown up in the U.S. and certainly has been schooled about risky sexual practices. Now it comes out that he was having bareback sex with a porn performer. He is disgusting and certaintly isn’t a role model.

  • Nathan

    This site is such a joke. What right do any of us have to judge anyone? Some of the comments on this thing are fucking ridiculous… calling him a hypocrite or stereotypical because he slept with a white blonde guy?? WTF. btw, for all you guys trying to be witty, think again. you’re not writers, rather, you just sound pathetic and cynical. What have you done for the gay community lately? Kudos though to all of you writing in support of Lance. It’s what he needs right now. He gave so much to us and look how quick so many of you are to tear him down. That’s what’s shameful and that’s what’s hypocritical. We ask the world to respect us for who we are, who we choose to love or have sex with, and then turn around and condemn someone for making that choice. Shame on you. I’m pissed off, and so partly this is to vent. I’m sick of seeing good people being brought down by spiteful, opportunistic, and cowardly people. But honestly, take a good look in the mirror today and put yourself in his shoes. He has family and friends who are all hurting because of this. Whether or not he allowed someone to take pictures of him that were meant to be private is irrelevant. He was exploited and we are all acting complicitly in that exploitation. We cut of our nose to spite our face today. We are bringing to a halt a movement that Lance helped reinvigorate. I would hope that this month of Pride events might cause us to reflect a little before being so quick to condemn a man who did absolutely nothing wrong, illegal, or immoral. I am proud of Lance and thankful that he is fighting for my rights when no one else could or would. As for all of those with negative things to say, have some pride in yourself and think before you say such stupid shit.

  • Kyle24

    The truth is coming out more and more. Last week people were saying leave Dustin alone. He was in a committed relationship. Now that we know DLB was with a porn star it seems to suggest it wasn’t a LTR and more of a hook up. He shouldn’t have been barebacking with someone who he hooked up with or was casually dating. If he was in a LTR that was monogomous that’s a different story, but it doesn’t sound like that was the case.

    Why all the grief directed at the porn guy? Since Dustin is a screenwriter he must have known what a camera is and knew that they were shooting sex tape. he should have refused to tape his sexcapade. By allowing the shoot he can’t complain that it got out.

  • Nathan

    @Chiot Moite: This isn’t “gay” news, it’s stereotypical gay drama and gossip. There’s no objectivity or investigation. People saw photos and are inventing stories to build around them. call it a gay blog or whatever you want, but just know that it’s the farthest thing from the news.

  • Nathan

    @alan brickman: So I’m guessing your bitter because you can’t get laid?

  • Marius

    People, and I’m not singling anyone out, should be so passionate about things that matter.

  • Nathan

    @Kyle24: Really Kyle? Think about all the private information you have. Lists of the site’s you visit, the porn that’s mostly likely on your computer. There are records and traces of many things you would undoubtedly want kept private. Hence, it’s even illegal to disseminate such private information without an individual’s consent. No one deserves to being exploited or victimized like that. Having records of private information doesn’t mean you deserve to have that information shared, or that you got what’s coming to you? Why don’t you shift your attention to person who would do such a thing. That’s where the shame lies. It’s like saying a girl deserved to get raped because she was dressed provocatively. What a poor and despicable argument to excuse such an egregious crime of betrayal.

  • BrianZ

    Wow. The lengths some people will go to in order to excuse utterly ignorant behavior and choices.

    Way to go, douchebags.

  • Tommy

    @Matt: I’m sorry, but I don’t know what world YOU live in, but getting “a lot of ass” doesn’t equate to one’s happiness or well-being. I’m saddened that you seem to think the measure of one’s lively worth revolves around the bedroom.

    @PrissySissy: If I had the time to research literary equivalents (which would be a lot better parallel), I would have. But the point still stands. One questionable character decision doesn’t negate the good one does (e.g., writing a screenplay about the life and times of one of the GLBT community’s icons). In this sense, DLB and the other examples mentioned belong in the same list.

    @Chiot Moite: Yes.

  • Chiot Moite


    “He gave so much to us and look how quick so many of you are to tear him down.”

    Oh wow, how charitable of him to take an Oscar (for us) and a big fat studio paycheck for a script (for us.) Yeah he’s a really a giver.

    He’s done one thing for us: gave a good speech at the Oscars.

  • Chiot Moite


    “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what world YOU live in, but getting “a lot of ass” doesn’t equate to one’s happiness or well-being.”

    For most of us Tommy having access and being “trusted” by self centered demi-celebs isn’t equated to happiness either. Undoubtedly the guy in this video couldn’t give a shit about having the access anymore. Or maybe his access was already revoked by the gay celeb circle and now he just wanted to cash in. Whatever the case, he’s now got some extra money, and undoubtedly is going to have lots of people wanting to get fucked by that nice looking cock. (On the upside, Lance looks pretty hot in those pics and is undoubtedly going to get laid more as well.)

  • Rudy

    This along with making fun of Rupert Everett’s looks at fifty, attacking HRC, GLAAD, and anyone who isn’t doubled over in laughter at Bruno makes me wonder who owns this site – Pat Robertson?
    Or is just that the target audience here are judgmental and envious gossips?

  • Tommy

    @Chiot Moite:

    I agree with your theory… in theory. The guy was obviously cashing in on his brush with non-porn fame… and I’m in agreement that he probably doesn’t have a lot in terms of rep to maintain anymore – the benefits of selling the pics outweighed its cost. I’m still of the opinion that he’s done more damage to his future well-being than he had taken into account.

    On your other statements, yes, this Jeff guy is a nice specimen of meat (pun intended). But Lance definitely appears to be hotter in that regard. I’m not above saying that those pics and I spent some quiet time together. ;-) I’m glad when incredibly smart guys are also incredibly hot guys.

    The above not taking into account whatever personal lifestyle he may or may not have (or may still be) actively engaged in.

    I don’t see DLB suffering from this for too long. Sure, three years ago he didn’t practice what he preaches now, but we don’t know what he practices now – and to a point, we have no purpose nor right to inquire or suppose one way or the other.

  • Kyle24


    Go ahead and check my computer. I have nothing to hide. I live my life openly and proudly. I don’t do things that will come back to haunt me.

  • Sal


    If a man was into bareback sex at 33 I don’t think much is going to change by 35 for him to start practicing safe sex. It isn’t like DLB is a kid. He is an adult. I’m surprised he doesn’t know how to act like a responsible one.

  • Chris

    I LOVE Dustin Lance Black and in no way judge him for having gay sex. That is what gay men do, idiots. Filming it? So what. TONS of us have done that. Get over it. Unprotected sex? Not smart, but who hasn’t done foolish things before, including exactly this? Don’t crucify the guy for it.
    I also know Jeff, and I honestly don’t believe he sold the video. And if he actually didn’t, then it is really shameful the way people are trashing him here. True, Jeff is an overly sexual nut…but what I like about Jeff is he makes no apologies for it. He is who he is, and he’s actually a nice guy. Just kinda crazy.

  • TANK


    That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

  • TANK

    i can’t imagine JD will ever find someone to date or sleep with him, again,

    You don’t understand this “community” very well, then.

  • Tommy


    As my comment states, it’s not our place nor purpose to presume another’s actions. Any habituation can be kicked – just ask smokers and alcoholics – and making assumptions about a person’s personal habits in the present based off of behavior in the past is an extremely narrow way of thinking.

    People can change, Sal — sometimes for the better. Heaven forbid someone ever deny you the benefit of the doubt in doing the same.

  • BrianZ

    @Tommy: Actually Tommy, past behavior, especially recent past behavior, is an excellent indicator of current and future behavior. And these individuals are certainly past what could considered their formative years.

    Just saying.

  • JC

    Apparently, Dustin was never a squeaky clean sort of person in his adult life.

    He did an independent movie/documentary in the late 90s about 6 young men going to Burning Man to engage in sex and drugs. He did drugs (mushrooms) onscreen and may have engaged in an actual orgy if it weren’t for another cast member’s objections.,+guys,+and+videotape:+%22reality%22+filmmaker+Dustin+Lance+Black…-a088583383

  • Cam

    @Matt: You said “@Bitch, please!: DLB was not duped. PERIOD. Look at the people he hangs out with and where he hangs out. DLB is in to bareback. He’s practices bareback. He knew what this guy was like. He knew what the guy did for a living. He knew the risks.

    Jesus. people. Stop with the DLB worship and thinking he can do no wrong. He’s just like the rest of us.”

    there is no worship going on here, I’m saying give the guy a break. He wrote a movie that was good for the gay movement, he lectures kids about AIDS etc… give the guy a break. He had bareback sex with a boyfriend. Oooooo, lets crucify him.

  • TANK


    Cam, are you sexually attracted to DLB? Nuff said.

  • Cam

    @JC: Yeah, but you left out this part of it…

    “Black doesn’t mind disappointing viewers who may have hoped to see four 20-something guys making out in a hot tub. “It made it easier in the editing room if it didn’t happen,” he says. “I wouldn’t want to be a pornographer.”

  • Yea

    He needed to be knocked off his high horse. This did it perfectly. I think it was a good wake up call that brought him back down to earth and remind him that just because he was successful not to let it go to his head. I think its awful what happened, but again, would do him some good.

  • greg

    I don’t care about the sex pics. But I do think that the screenplay for MILK never deserved an academy award!

  • Oscar

    To use a condom with my lover of many years is ridiculous.If one has a monogamous relationship there is no reason to use plastics.For you promiscious bastards use them plastics and loose sensation but for committed relationships condoms are to be blown up as decofrations for birthday parties.Ha,ha,ha….

  • Yea

    UH yea, it wasn’t a monogamous relationship. They said that so it would not look as bad. It was a hook up on the 4th of July after they had met that day :)

  • me

    Let’s not forget most str8 celebrities have never seen a condom in any of their sex videos!!!!!! Paris, Pamela, Eve, Collin F. NEVER!!!!!!
    Yes we should all practice safe sex, but let’s not be hypocrites. Couples in a relationship often don;t use a condom (I’m not saying it’s smart).
    So yes, he should have worn a condom and also not taken those photos. But he’s human and so are all of us.

  • hottieinrussia

    The only person to blame is fat fuck perez hilton. The fat ass is jealous that he is not getting any so he decides to post some three year old photos on his page.

    What DLB does in his bedroom is his own business. Who cares what he does, he is still brilliant, and deserves the awards and notarty in the movie scene.

    Maybe somebody could volunteer to fuck that fat ass perez, and do us all a favor to stop publishing smut on his page.

    xo bitches!

  • smudge

    Is this any of our business?

  • Max in Atlanta

    Running this crap makes you no better than Perez Hilton or any other gossip site.

    Queerty just got deleted from my “favorites” toolbar.

  • Jeff

    Dustin does bareback with a guy who is an escort and jerks of on camera. He hangs with Brent Corrigan and other bareback models. He practices barebacking and STILL people are gonna act like HIV/AIDS is real and that he should be ashamed??


  • rick

    @fifi: it is spelled loser. are you a republican because looser is how they spell loser.

  • Dustin

    I just think it is hilarious. In 90% of straight porn, the dudes dont wear a condom, and nobody bats an eye. But everyone on here still has the 1980s mentality that this is a gay disease.

    I am gay. I love to bareback. I only bareback. That is my choice and trust me, my partner is well aware, cant really hide it. So if two adults wanna fuck bareback, then STFU and move on with your lives.

  • Jack

    @Dustin: You’re not only gay. You’re stupid and gay.

  • Dustin

    @Jack: Again, it is my choice. I am sure you make stupid decisions in your life as well. But it is not my place to judge you for making them.

  • Earthlingdave

    How about this, DLB did NOTHING WRONG. I love the suddenly prudish audience here. No wonder I’m a homophobic gay man. Is DLB not allowed to have sex with a one time partner, is he not allowed to make his own decisions about unprotected sex? Let’s tear down one of the brightest gay role models because of his private life. His call for diversity in, and undrstanding of, the gay community has nothing to do with this incident, his words and actions are not diminished by, what basically amounts to, the revealation that he has sex. These attacks on him are pathetic.

  • JC

    The problem is the hypocrisy.

    If he wasn’t a safe sex advocate (and he is as he goes around to colleges and preaches safe sex to gay and straight young adults), then there wouldn’t be a problem.

    Of course he can do want he wants and have sex and not use a condom. It is his choice.

    But if you are going to preach responsibility and safe sex, then don’t be surprised if people call you out for barebacking with an amateur gay porn star.

  • mojojojo

    @Tommy: If I got a lot of ass, I would be much happier!

  • Dusty


  • Tyler


    Give credit where credit is do. Harvey Milk, the man, was good for the gay movement. The movie was a movie. Milk’s story had been documented in a wonderful documentary and book decades before. The positive effects of Harvey Milk started back in the 1970s. The movie was a minor blip.

  • Jesse


    I have yet to hear how long this “relationship” was going on for. So many people keep assuming that they were in a committed monogomous LTR. DLB did not say that in his statement. If you read it he makes it sounds quite casual. If it were a committed relationship don’t you think this man who uses words in his profession would state how long they had been in an LTR?

  • Dusty

    Milk has grossed $53,796,834 worldwide to date. It had a twenty million budget. Dustin won numerous awards including an Oscar for best original screenplay. This is hardly a blip. This was the first major motion picture to deal with a gay politician as hero, that also achieved recognition outside the gay milieu. Now darlings, the problem is this: opinions are like assholes…everyone has one. And because the Internet has allowed all of us to become cultural critics, we now can comment on everything. What is surprising is the rancor with which some indicate their tightly held opinions. Calling someone a “turd”? We should remember that this is gay pride month, and despite how you feel about it, or yourself, a conversation should be civil.

  • alan brickman

    people are rushing to support Dustin they way they supported Obama…how did that work out again??

  • alan brickman

    Gee..Thanks for asking nathan….Actually I get laid a lot …but I’m also not arrogant or stupid enough to let someone take pictures and expect them to “dissapear”…plus safe sex is the best sex period…the only do “bareback with your boyfriend” rule can also be quite stupid and deadly too….two of my friends had to learn that the hard way….

  • Caleb


    Dusty, WATERWORLD which is panned as one of the biggest flops earned $264,218,220 worldwide in 1995 when ticket prices were even cheaper. So what’s your point?

  • Dusty

    Well Caleb darling, it made money, it did well. While apparently celebrating such minor victories must seem blasé (you must have really disliked WW) that is hardly the point. We could just sit back and watch Brickman and Nathan bitch slap one another for a blogging eternity, but the real point of this entire discussion is not whether Milk was a a good movie, or if Mr Black’s screenplay was worthy, but that someone who entered that horrifying arena called celebrity had his privacy breached. Period. And while it is cute to comment on the “hypocrisy” of the act, it did occur before he became a celebrity and advocated safe sex, something now sadly, that he must regret. It just seems, upon reading all these rancorous remarks that gay men are quite unforgiving, quick to judge and even quicker to comment.

  • Caleb


    “that gay men are quite unforgiving, quick to judge and even quicker to comment.”

    Is this news? How long have you been out?

  • Oh Really?

    A mutual friend of DeLancy and Black’s said that DeLancy didn’t sell the photo’s and that they were somehow stolen. It’s a shame that we are crucifying him when we don’t even know if he has done anything. We also don’t know the circumstances of their relationship when they had the encounter. Anyway, my friend says that they are both very nice, smart guys that have a lot to offer to the world. It’s too bad this had to happen, and it’s terrible that we are so quick to blame when we don’t have the facts.

  • Martin Luther Queen

    Judgmental gays don’t deserve civil rights.

  • osocubano

    And I guess none of us have made a stupid choice…
    Get over it.

  • Jesse

    Some of you people SERIOUSLY need to get a life! So he had sex with someone, OH WELL! Yes, it was stupid and irresponsible for him to not use protection, but I am sure MANY of us have made poor choices in the past. I doubt any of you know these two men personally, I doubt you know how serious their relationship was when they engaged in this activity. Stop being so fucking judgmental about other people when it has NOTHING to do with you or your life!

  • Cam

    @TANK: You said “No. 51 · TANK

    Cam, are you sexually attracted to DLB? Nuff said.”

    How Pathetic you are. You can’t answer a legit argument put forward so you try to minimize it by claiming that the person has other motives. Again, I said give the guy a break, he has done well for the community, frankly what he gets up to in his own bedroom is irrelevent to him giving that wonderful speech on Oscar night. But again, some bitter bitches are always looking for something to complain about, so by all means, bitch away.

  • Cam

    @Tyler: You said “Give credit where credit is do. Harvey Milk, the man, was good for the gay movement. The movie was a movie. Milk’s story had been documented in a wonderful documentary and book decades before. The positive effects of Harvey Milk started back in the 1970s. The movie was a minor blip.”

    Tyler, I understand your point, however, the documentary was seen by many gays, but the movie was seen by a much much more broad straight audience, additionally, millions heard the guys acceptance speech at the oscars as well. When so many celebs and others in Hollywood won’t even come out to have a guy advocate for gay marriage in an oscar acceptance speech cannot be dismissed as a simple blip.

  • Alex

    I’ve met Jeff DeLancy a few times and he is a complete asshole and often an out-of-control drunk.

  • Cam

    @Martin Luther Queen: You said “Judgmental gays don’t deserve civil rights.”


    Ok, so because Spike Lee said that he didn’t like the Celtics because they were a white team, or that he didn’t need to cast Latinos because that was something for THEIR directors to do….does that now supposedly mean that black people didn’t deserve civil rights because you have a few people making idiotic statements? Civil rights are just that….they don’t have a check list of “Well he isn’t a judgemental bitch, so he gets rights” attached to them.

  • Chiot Moite

    I’m willing to bet that the reason this happened is because Lance has been acting like a real diva for the past few years. Burning your friends when they know your deepest darkest dirties is probably a bad idea in such a high profile industry.

  • om sri


    i think an american college. :)

  • Peter Better

    This shows DBL is just a piece of trash and an idiot. Seriously, its not just barebacking, its barebacking with an escort on video.

  • Andramata

    OK end this already. Pedro made HIV/AIDS more known as a deadly disease. He educated them. But he didn’t start to educated after he contracted the disease from what? having unsafe sex. DBL did this 2 years ago. Alot can happen to someone in two years. he now advocate safe sex. We will never know if he practices it now unless you slept with him. Let this go already. 90% of the people in here have had unsafe sex! and the 10% have sucked cock without a condom and swallowed. You are no better than he is.

  • Andramata

    sorry for the bad grammar I was pissed! lol

  • Rob Moore

    @ggreen: I couldn’t agree more. It is none of my business nor anyone else’s.

  • arbiter

    I don’t give a flying fuck who or what he does. Is he a good screenwriter? Yes…? OK, so he likes/liked to do it raw (and who doesn’t under the right circumstances?). It’s not like he appeared in a T.I.M. bareback/gangfuck extravaganza, ease up already. Frankly, I kinda want to see it….

  • Chadboy

    Dustin is gross and not someone that our community should look up to.

  • matt

    @alan brickman: Yeah you’re right, having consensual sex with another adult is just too bad of a scandal for his career to bear, DLB should be shot and his oscar taken away.

  • shannon

    SLOW YOUR ROLL DUDE! IN WHAT “GAY COMMUNITY” ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? YOUR gay community is not THE community jerks! Everyone has their OWN…..for THEIR group/race/ethnicity/orientation…… JEEZ….get off your delusional high horse…..not everyone is into what YOU are into…

  • Mike

    DLBlack is a total hypocrite. Especially when it comes to unsafe sex. Futhermore that fool does NOT represent the LGBT community or even gay white men, he only represents his hypocritical ass.

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