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Meet Jeff DeLancy, Dustin Lance Black’s Shady Sex Partner


As soon as screenshots from Dustin Lance Black’s sex tape hit the web, the race was on to identify his as-yet-anonymous sex buddy. Tips poured into Queerty following our post, and we learned the gent’s name is Jeff DeLancy, described in some circles as a student at Arizona State University who now (or previously?) frequents the Los Angeles scene. He also appears to have been involved in the Save The Boom effort, which attempted to rescue the Boom Boom Room nightspot in Laguna Beach from closure. In his first (and thus far, only) statement about the photos, Black says the two were dating at the time.

Elsewhere, Gay Porn Blog (link NSFW) ID’d Jeff by his first name — or rather, his web name: “Cameron” of Comments left around the web, meanwhile, are disparaging the guy, claiming: DeLancy sells webcam sessions of himself; he’s known for his affinity for older sugar daddies; he traffics in, uh, microbes.


None of which is entirely shocking these days, least of all to a gay blog.

But the information about his condom-less sex partner doesn’t bode well for Black, who’s being trashed on Internet forums (including our own comment threads) as someone who’s sending a hypocritical message to the young people he mentors: Be responsible, even if I’m not.

Still unresolved, meanwhile, is who leaked the tape of Black and DeLancy, but common wisdom makes its own suggestion.