Meet Joke, Bell And Art, Thailand’s New Happily Married Threesome

Thailand_Threeway_WeddingThose of us who live in big gay meccas are no strangers to the concept of polyamory — it’s an idea that many straight and gay people alike find more suited to them than lifelong monogamous partnership.

But what happens when the two systems are combined?

Well, you get this: A traditional-looking marriage ceremony for three people.

These three Thai men, identified only as Joke, Bell and Art, thaied (zing) the three-way knot earlier this week in a traditional Thai water-pouring ceremony.

They shared the following batch of wedding photos, which elicit all sorts of questions. But mostly, the three look happy.

One photo comes with text, which reads:

Pure love cannot be seen by your eyes. If you want to know what its worth you have to see it with your heart.

We can’t argue with that one. The wedding, however, was only symbolic in nature. Gay marriage nor three-way marriage are recognized in Thailand.

Here are more photos of the happy throuple:





h/t GayStarNews